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    No more Internet Explorer for Mac

    One of the people on our design team sent us the good news this morning - it's official that Internet Explorer for Mac will no longer be supported and will not be available for download as of December 31st, 2005. You can read the full bulletin at the Mactopia site:http://www.microsoft.com/mac/products/internetexplorer/internetexplorer.aspx?pid=internetexplorerI am sure there won't be a lot of tears in the eyes of our development team now that the "villain" will be finally gone. We will not stop to support Mac IE immediately but we do plan to drop support for the notorious browser at some point in Q1 2006. We do recommend to customers...
    December 20, 2005
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    Code complexity and metrics

    My name is Vladimir Milev and I am a software engineer at telerik. I would like to talk about code metrics in my first post on the company blog. The r.a.d.controls suite has come a long way and features a lot of components. This has come at a price though – increasing complexity of the code. Code complexity is measured in different ways, however, the most commonly acclaimed metric is called “Cyclomatic complexity”. It was introduced by Thomas McCabe in 1976, and it measures the number of linearly-independent paths through a program module. The score is determined by the following...
    December 14, 2005
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    The life and death of r.a.d.designer

    After three years of good service, r.a.d.designer will be discontinued. As of r.a.d.controls Q4 2005 SP1 next week, the product will no longer be part of the ASP.NET suite. Wondering why we decided to do it? A bit of history... r.a.d.designer was telerik's third product after r.a.d.editor and r.a.d.menu. It was born out of an experimental project and it's initial goal was very different from what it is today - it had to be a tool that allows you to put stuff in containers and move them around. It was supposed to be very close to what r.a.d.dock does. Back in time...
    November 30, 2005
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    r.a.d.controls Q4 2005 is out!

    The Q4 release finally went live last Friday! It was our hardest, but also our best release so far. We added 5 new controls to the suite (upload, input, calendar, window, toolbar), released major updates for r.a.d.grid and r.a.d.combobox, extended the in-built AJAX support of most products, and on top of that, we were on the front line with full support for Visual Studio 2005. Here's a link to the complete news release: http://www.telerik.com/Default.aspx?PageId=1861&b21ActiveNewsId=bBj&b21CategoryId=drh I am particularly thrilled by r.a.d.grid 3.0. and r.a.d.window. The latter offers some unique capabilities and is a great addition to the r.a.d.controls suite as it allows developers to easily build applications with...
    November 22, 2005
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    The AJAX hysteria

    I got really aggravated by an article I read today and more specifically from the statement "before AJAX". It kind of gave the impression that they were not talking about an acronym but rather an important period in human history (e.g. "Before the fall of Communism") It seems to me that everywhere, everyone is talking about AJAX and it's becoming ridiculous. In just 7-8 months the web got cluttered with all kinds of AJAX addicts, Evangelists, "leaders" and people claiming they were doing AJAX even before XmlHttp was in the browser. It's almost like the infamous Web 2.0... Everyone talks about it, but no one knows exactly what it is. Am...
    November 11, 2005