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    .NET 1.x support in radControls for ASP.NET

    The time has come when we need to make a decision that may affect some of you (most of you) - we need to make a decision whether or not to stop adding new features and products to the .NET 1.x version of rad Controls for ASP.NET. For over a year we have maintained parallel .NET 1.x and .NET 2.0 versions of our controls and this has worked out well for us and for customers. On the downside, maintaining a release schedule with a set of nearly 20 ASP.NET controls, with .NET 1.x and .NET 2.0 versions, different help files for each...
    January 07, 2007
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    Year 2006 is almost over

    Now that the calendar will soon flip to 2007, I inevitably started musing over 2006... What a great year it was for telerik - the ASP.NET UI product line evolved quite a bit, the new Windows Forms UI suite and Reporting products were revealed, we successfully organized a strong community event, the vibrant telerik community continued to grow, we brought to life some really creative commercials, the telerik.com site was enriched with many new features and resources... I started this blog post with the idea to talk in detail about the things we managed (and didn't manage)  to do during the past year...
    December 26, 2006
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    r.a.d.controls - source code and redistribution

    In my last blog post about Q3 I forgot to mention two VERY VERY important benefits for customers: firstly, we changed the license agreement and secondly, we started to ship the source of the r.a.d.controls with every purchase of a Subscription license (the one that costs $999 per developer). Over the last few months many customers contacted us with questions about our redistribution policies as our license agreement wasn't very clear cut about what is acceptable and what isn't. If you remember, I blogged about this not long ago in an attempt to clarify our policies: Demystifying the telerik r.a.d.controls...
    October 05, 2006
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    Q3 2006 and what we've done in the last few months

    It's a late Sunday afternoon (actually, it's Monday as I started the post yesterday). The weather is great, everyone's out as its unusually hot and people are having a great time. I myself am in the office since early morning with part of our team but I love it! It's always really invigorating around releases as everything you've worked on for months stitches together and you can see it in its full beauty. And, for this release, we've got plenty of things coming. I haven't been so excited in a long time and I decided not to be selfish and...
    October 02, 2006
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    Demystifying the telerik r.a.d.controls re-distribution rights and limitations

    A prospective customer recently commented on our distribution policies and it prompted me to write a blog post and try to explain things in not-so-legal terms. Possibly because of improper wording on our part many ISVs do not feel comfortable with our terms and conditions when it comes to using our products in a commercial product. Here's what our agreement says:"You are not allowed to integrate and distribute the SOFTWARE as part of branded commercial products meant for mass distribution. This is subject to a redistributable license. For more information and inquiries, please contact sales@telerik.com." I've been re-reading this paragraph over and over while...