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    The AJAX hysteria

    I got really aggravated by an article I read today and more specifically from the statement "before AJAX". It kind of gave the impression that they were not talking about an acronym but rather an important period in human history (e.g. "Before the fall of Communism") It seems to me that everywhere, everyone is talking about AJAX and it's becoming ridiculous. In just 7-8 months the web got cluttered with all kinds of AJAX addicts, Evangelists, "leaders" and people claiming they were doing AJAX even before XmlHttp was in the browser. It's almost like the infamous Web 2.0... Everyone talks about it, but no one knows exactly what it is. Am...
    November 11, 2005
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    www.asp.net has a new design

    A couple of days ago the good ole www.asp.net site got a facelift. I didn't find much new stuff, but the design is very funky. I guess everyone was waiting to see something fresh and the VS 2005 official release seemed like a good time to roll out an update (the site's running .NET 2.0 so it's kind of a showcase:).I don't know whether anyone else is experiencing the same behavior, but it seems to me that the site simply hangs for a few seconds when you load a page with a lot of content (let's say the home page for the...
    November 09, 2005
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    Ooo Champs Elysee....

    Wondering why I suddenly disappeared? Well, some time ago I made a promise to myself to maintain a work-life balance and to take a vacation every three months. So, I made a list of places I wanted to visit and last week it was time for ... Paris! It's really hard to describe in just words how good I felt and what a great time I had. As a matter of fact, I had been in Paris a few times before, but it was only for a day and I had not come even close to appreciating all of its splendor...
    November 04, 2005
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    r.a.d.controls = 13 + 5: the math behind (Part III)

    Today my meetings ended up earlier than I expected and this freed up some time to go over r.a.d.toolbar and r.a.d.combobox 2.0.r.a.d.toolbar 1.0Another great new control that we will be releasing in Q4 is r.a.d.toolbar. Unlike r.a.d.calendar it’s more or less feature-complete and will not undergo much evolution. r.a.d.toolbar will be by far the richest toolbar control for ASP.NET. Integrated with r.a.d.dock it will give you the versatility of the winforms toolbar with all the cool options such as re-ordering, floating toolbars, pinned toolbars, keyboard shortcuts, flexible databinding and a whole lot more. r.a.d.combobox 2.0In the last few months we received very...
    October 19, 2005
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    r.a.d.controls = 13 + 5: the math behind (Part II)

    In my first post on r.a.d.controls Q4 (http://blogs.telerik.com/vassilterziev/posts/05-10-09/r_a_d_controls_13_5_the_math_behind_Part_I.aspx) I made an overview of r.a.d.grid 3.0. Today it’s time to share some information about r.a.d.combobox 2.0, r.a.d.toolbar and the long-awaited r.a.d.calendar. In the course of the previous week I’ve had a chance to review the work in progress and I am very happy with what our dev and design teams have done - all products are both high-performance and very visually appealing. The latter is pretty important as our products, in terms of capabilities, are way ahead of documentation and examples and customers do have a problem to see all their beauty and...
    October 18, 2005