Boy, did I have fun this morning... Here's what we received as a feature request from a customer:

"I would like such a control for my clients that will make them understand that consulting on how to do projects is not free and that they should expect a bill when they get a solution, whether verbal or delivered. Could you create a control that I could embed in my correspondence and web projects that would change their ethical thinking? I am thinking r.a.d.Morality is a good name for it.

Of course, you can wait until you have completed r.a.d.Telepathy as there is more demand for this in the world of software development."

Yep. The software development world definitely needs r.a.d.telepathy. Perhaps we could also add to the above-mentioned lineup r.a.d.everything. Now r.a.d.telepathy and r.a.d.everything would be a great combination! You could get a beer from the fridge, get some chips, watch the football game and, in a few hours, have the smartest .NET application (sorry Java guys, r.a.d. stuff works only on .NET). Packed with features and r.a.d.controls, bug-free and with stellar performance. r.a.d.telepathy would then automatically send a bill via e-mail to the customer. The customer would be so happy that he'd pay double. On time. No questions asked.

I see so many sales of r.a.d.telepathy, r.a.d.morality and r.a.d.everything that I am starting to make plans for retirement...

Fun stuff aside, I feel empathy for the customer. Back in time when I worked on consulting projects it was always tough to educate customers that software and consulting services cost money. Problem is, many people can't understand why something that they can't touch and feel has a high price tag.

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Vassil Terziev

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