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    Download Section Changed

    Yesterday we launched a new, significantly updated version of our 'Purchases and Downloads' pages. We listened to your feedback and we made a lot of improvements. The ambiguously named 'Purchases and Downloads' section is gone. Now we have just a 'Downloads' page, as well as a 'Billing History' page, both accessible straight from the main 'Your Account' section. What was wrong with the old version? The page consisted of a list of expandable panels for each product. The panels were slow to expand. Each panel used to have 4 tabs. The first tab didn't contain a lot of useful information, since most people...
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    Add Telerik.com to Your Browser Search Box

    Did you know you can search all the Telerik resources without actually visiting the pages? To add telerik.com to your browser search box... 1. go to telerik.com, 2. expand the search box, 3. choose "Add Search Providers" and select the search options you would like to...
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    RadChart for Silverlight to be Added to the Silverlight Suite

    The approaching Q1 2009 release has a lot to offer to all Silverlight fans, as we are adding one more major control to the suite – RadChart for Silverlight. The control comes with 18 predefined chart types that transform various business scenarios into interactive, rich, animated charts. Built natively for Silverlight, the chart control has a rich and flexible API and can be bound to various data services. With its interactivity and animations, Telerik Silverlight Chart leverages the capabilities of the Silverlight platform and allows you to create rich visualizations of business data. The control comes with several predefined skins, but you...
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    Telerik Silverlight Grid Official Release is Just Around the Corner

    If you have been following Telerik blogs, you’ve seen quite a few posts on Telerik Silverlight Grid already. We’ve worked hard to bring to life a powerful, robust and feature-rich Silverlight grid which will be officially released with the upcoming Q1 2009. Optimizing the different aspects of performance has always been among our first priorities. With this release, we are introducing 3 techniques to significantly reduce page loading time and to provide better user experience. The unique RadCompression module allows you to compress the entire Web Service traffic in a completely codeless manner, resulting in smaller data transfer and better performance of your...
    February 25, 2009
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    Free Webinar on RadControls for Silverlight on February 19

    Join Todd Anglin, Telerik Chief Evangelist and Microsoft MVP, at a free Telerik controls for Silverlight webinar that will take place on Thursday, February 19 at 11:00 am EST. This week’s session will help you get started building Silverlight applications using Telerik’s RadControls for Silverlight. You’ll see how to add RadControls to your Visual Studio toolbox and how to work with the controls in Visual Studio and Expression Blend. You’ll also learn how to connect the controls to data and style them in Blend, and even see a preview of what’s coming in Telerik’s Q1 2009 Silverlight release. If you’re considering a Silverlight project,...
    February 17, 2009