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Yesterday we launched a new, significantly updated version of our 'Purchases and Downloads' pages. We listened to your feedback and we made a lot of improvements.

The ambiguously named 'Purchases and Downloads' section is gone. Now we have just a 'Downloads' page, as well as a 'Billing History' page, both accessible straight from the main 'Your Account' section.

What was wrong with the old version?

  1. The page consisted of a list of expandable panels for each product. The panels were slow to expand.
  2. Each panel used to have 4 tabs. The first tab didn't contain a lot of useful information, since most people visit the page to download mainly, and downloading was not available until you clicked on the second tab. So, you had to wait even more...

The old 'Purchases and Downloads' page (left). The old 'Downloads' tab (right)

  1. Licenses for developers had to be managed separately for each product. Once again - expanding panels, changing tabs, and waiting...
  2. You couldn't preview the whole billing history at once. Instead you had to expand each product's panel and change the tab. Even more waiting.
  3. The 'Download' tab used to intimidate you with a long list of files, which you had to review carefully, but in 80% of the cases you just wanted to download the Automatic Installation.
  4. A drop-down list was used for changing the version, but drop-downs are supposed to be used in forms, not for navigation.

What we did

  1. We got rid of the expandable panels.
  2. The link for the Automatic Installation is the largest on the page. There is nothing expandable that is wasting your time

The new 'Downloads' page

  1. The main page provides links to all other related files from the same product version, as well as links to Latest Internal Builds and older versions of the same product.
  2. The link 'Source Code, Manual Installation, Examples' loads a new page, where you can find all the files for the current versions.

The new 'Downloads' page: detail

All files of a version in a separate page

  1. Your whole billing history is now on a single, separate page.
  2. Licensed Developers for all products are on a separate page which is linked from the main page of Your Account, as well as in the bottom part of all pages in the same section.

The main 'Your Account' page. All pages from the section are listed there.

The page where you manage the licensed developers for all products.

Even though the content is spread among more pages compared to the previous version, now it takes objectively less time to complete your tasks.

So, what was your initial impression when you encountered the modified section for the first time?

About the Author

Ina Tontcheva

(@pakostina) is a Product Marketing Manager at Telerik. She is a digital and mobile marketing explorer and works at Telerik with a focus on the native mobile UI family.


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