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    Exciting WP7 Marketplace Statistics Revealed

    Telerik RadControls for WP7 is the most widely used commercial UI suite on the marketplace. Says who? Says Justin Angel. The man kindled the WP7 dev world with exciting Marketplace statistics. He has downloaded all Windows Phone 7 XAP’s using the Windows Phone 7 marketplace API’s and has answered a bunch of questions that preoccupy a lot of Windows Phone devotees’ minds. Justin found out that 97% of the apps on the Marketplace are not obfuscated and that the Silverlight platform accounts for 90% of the WP7 apps compared to 10% for XNA. There is a very interesting piece of information about...
    September 07, 2011
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    RadControls for Windows Phone Updates

    For those who have missed the news, our RadControls for Windows Phone Mango build is available for download here. We have made sure that our customers can be among the first to update their existing WP7 apps and submit them to the Mango marketplace. If you haven’t tried RadControls for Windows Phone yet, you are most probably wondering why you should use it at all given the free toolbox available. This two minutes video answers this...
    September 01, 2011
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    18 New Customers’ Apps Join the Telerik WP7 Showcase

    Big thanks go to all of our customers who have sent us a link to their WP7 app built with RadControls for Windows Phone. The Telerik WP7 Customers’ Showcase section is growing fast with 18 new apps just published. Check them out here. We are very happy to announce that one the latest apps added to the Showcase – Jack of Tools is on #3 in the Tools + Productivity Section on the Marketplace. The app on #2 in the same category – WP7applist is also built with RadControls for Windows Phone.   Interested to see other WP7 apps powered by the...
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    Last Chance to Get RadControls for WP7 at $99

    Unfortunately this offer is no longer valid. RadControls for Windows Phone now includes 22 UI components among which are the fastest chart and ListBox components available, unique Animation Framework and Transition control, JumpList that features sorting and filtering and many more. A lot of customers have trusted RadControls from its early stage and some of their applications are among the top selling in their categories. Curious to see those apps? Watch this video If you haven’t tried RadControls for Windows Phone yet, get your 60 days free trial now! What you might not know is that you get support even during your trial....
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    Build a Windows Phone 7 App and Make a $100 for Your User Group

    Good news for any member of a developer user group who’s interested in winning a $100 for his/her user group.   Here’s the deal: Telerik in partnership with PreEmptive Solutions and Microsoft will donate a $100 to your user group for each eligible app published at the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace. The app needs to use Telerik RadControls for Windows Phone 7 and PreEmptive Solutions Runtime Intelligence for Windows Phone. You get both Telerik RadControls and PreEmptive Solution at no cost. What’s even better is that if you get Telerik RadControls for WP7 now, you will automatically receive the updated version of the suite...