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    What Makes End-Users and the Marketplace Love Your Windows Phone App?

    An unusual thing happened at the Telerik Windows Phone team product planning meeting for Q1 2012 a few months ago. Instead of starting with our usual mantra “What does our customer need in order to build a great app?” we talked about love. What does love have to do with a mobile app you would ask? Well, a lot. Keep reading. The two questions we asked were: 1)    What is it that will make the end-users love our customer’s Windows Phone app? 2)    What is it that will make our customer’s app be loved by the Windows Phone marketplace?  And here’s a preview...
    February 07, 2012
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    Telerik Windows Phone Customers Showcase Update and the State of the Marketplace in 2011

      The showcase gallery featuring our customers Windows Phone apps just got updated with a few new applications. Check out the gallery here.   Looking at the appsfuse.com 100 Most Rated Publishers list on the Windows Phone Marketplace I was very happy to see one of our customers - Liquid Daffodil on number 10. Congrats! And the other thing that I wanted to share with you today is this lovely retrospective infographic, posted by Brandon Watson, showing how the Windows Phone Marketplace, the developer mindshare and customer interest has evolved over in 2011.
    January 20, 2012
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    Talking to a Windows Phone Developer About the App Market

    Last year Telerik sponsored the WP7 Unleashed Events – a series of hands-on lab events organized by Microsoft and the local communities. 25 apps of all applications submitted at the end of each event were selected and one of them won the Telerik Grand Prize – $5000. The winner of the big prize was Jack of Tools - the app that turns your phone into a virtual tool belt. We are talking with Jonathan Isabelle from Digitalmason.net, the company that created Jack of Tools and a few other Windows Phone apps, about his observations on the Windows Phone app market, his success...
    January 11, 2012
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    Get More Data for Your Windows Phone App Performance with This Free Tool

    I just found out a very useful, free monitoring tool for Windows Phone apps called Distimo Monitor. It gives you valuable insights as to what affects downloads and revenues of your app. It provides of course Downloads and Revenue reports by country, day etc. like you would expect.  The two more interesting features are the Rankings and the Events reports. You can see the rankings of your app/apps for each day and country and how it evolved over time. You can even add comments to the rankings graph, just like in Google Analytics, so that you can track how a certain...
    December 14, 2011
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    How to Promote your Windows Phone App on a Shoestring

    Couple of weeks ago, while writing a blog post about some free advertising we were giving away together with AdDuplex,  I realized, as obvious as it sounds, that monetizing from a Windows Phone app actually requires two very different set of skills: development and marketing skills. It’s one thing to build a nice app and another to successfully promote it.  And it is rare, correct me if I’m wrong, that one person is good at both. And chances are that you do not have an advertising budget. So what do you do? The truth is that there are a bunch...
    December 02, 2011