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Couple of weeks ago, while writing a blog post about some free advertising we were giving away together with AdDuplex,  I realized, as obvious as it sounds, that monetizing from a Windows Phone app actually requires two very different set of skills: development and marketing skills. It’s one thing to build a nice app and another to successfully promote it.  And it is rare, correct me if I’m wrong, that one person is good at both. And chances are that you do not have an advertising budget. So what do you do? The truth is that there are a bunch of things you can do on your own, that require no budget or special skills.

That’s why I decided to share some of my most valuable findings on the process of promoting a mobile application. I added to my ideas the ideas of our Windows Phone ninjas, our XAML Evangelist, who also has several Windows Phone apps in his portfolio and even a couple of customers’ feedback. 

In the “How to promote your Windows Phone app” whitepaper we are discussing topics such as: presentation of your app and tracking your statistics, ideas about how to build your most loyal users’ core, how to increase downloads through in-app tricks, in-apps ads, external promotion and links to currently running Windows Phone competitions.

Download the free whitepaper from this page and let us know if you found it interesting.

Good luck in your marketing career!

About the Author

Ina Tontcheva

(@pakostina) is a Product Marketing Manager at Telerik. She is a digital and mobile marketing explorer and works at Telerik with a focus on the native mobile UI family.


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