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    Sneak Peek at RadChart for WP7 Coming the End of May

    As you might know from previous posts our Windows Phone team is busy working on a Windows Phone 7 Charting component. After months of research, starting from high-level concepts, chart domain knowledge and architecture, a super fast WP7 Chart control is on its way. And when I say fast, I mean it. Read how the team did it in details in this blog post. Meanwhile here is a sneak peek at the control. The Chart will be released at the end May with a Beta tag and will be officially released with Telerik Q2 release, mid-summer. Our product development has always...
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    Telerik @ TechEd 2011 - Day 2 - Four Award Nominations

    New faces, new conversations, new friends! After having had over 700 attendees visiting us on Day 1, we are happy to see equally great interest in all our products in Day 2, plus the excitement around our newest JustDecompile and JustTrace products. 4 Awards, vote by 11:00 am on Wednesday If you are in Atlanta, show us your love! Four (4) Telerik products are nominated in different categories for the 2011 TechEd Attendees' Pick Awards, and every vote counts. Casting your vote is easy: Log in your TechEd account Go to the Telerik profile in the Exhibitor Catalog and cast your vote. Alternatively, you can stop by...
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    Telerik @ TechEd 2011 - Day 1 Recap

    We were expecting TechEd in Atlanta will be a blast, and Day 1 proves it. The new shiny Telerik booth was overwhelmed by hundreds of developers who wanted to talk to us (thank you for stopping by booth #409!), and check what Telerik has in the store for them this year.   Official Unveiling of Two New Developer Tools for Decompiling (free) and Profiling We officially unveiled two new products during TechEd (see interview of Todd Anglin by Michael Desmond in Visual Studio Magazine here): JustDecompile -- a free decompiling productivity tool designed to enable easy .NET assembly browsing and decompiling; JustTrace -- a developer tool, which enables you...
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    The Telerik Crew Adventures at GIDS – 2nd Day Recap

    The Telerik crew is still at Bangalore for the 2nd day of the Great Indian Developer Summit. After yesterday’s success of our .NET Ninja baseball caps and the crowd we gathered at the booth, today is no less interesting.  We are very happy to announce that Telerik Agile Project Management Tool – TeamPulse won the GIDS 2011 Award in the Change and Configuration Management Category.  If you haven’t tried TeamPulse yet you can learn more about the product and play with the online demo.  Thanks again to all our new Indian friends who came to chat with us at the booth....
    April 20, 2011
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    The Telerik Crew Travels around India – GIDS First Day Recap

    It’s been an exciting day at the Great Indian Developer Conference, here in Bangalore. We are really glad that our new Indian friends seemed to love our .NET Ninja baseball caps. Below you can see pictures of them wearing the Ninja hats at the opening keynote. Then came our drawing for a free laptop and licenses. And trust me this part was exciting. We had so many people that at some point I got a bit scared that the booth could tip over :-). A big thanks to all who came and congratulations to the winners. Check out the pictures, as...
    April 19, 2011