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    Q1’11 Pre-Release Series: Decompiling, Code-cleaner and Code style-sharing coming to JustCode

    With the Q1 2011 release just around the corner, we remain true to our tradition to provide you with a special preview of the release highlights across Telerik’s entire product portfolio. This time around we will start with a sneak peek at some exciting new improvements and additions to JustCode, our Visual Studio productivity add-in. The product development team has been busy acting upon your feedback and is excited to add decompiling, code-cleaner and code style-sharing to JustCode’s list of features. Coupled with JustCode’s real-time solution-wide code analysis and powerful refactorings, these three new features will allow you to write better .NET...
    February 21, 2011
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    Win $1,299 worth of .NET Developer Tools from Telerik

    Tell your friends, have fun, and play for your chance to win Telerik Premium Collection for .NET worth $1,299! Every day for five consecutive business days we will ask two questions about two quite small tasks related to the demos of Telerik ASP.NET Ajax and Silverlight controls. Answer the 10 questions, leave the same e-mail address each day, and get a chance to win the Telerik Premium Collection for .NET. The game is already live and will end at 11:59pm EST on Thursday, Feb. 24. The winner will be announced on Feb. 25, 2011 on the game page and via Telerik's Twitter...
    February 18, 2011
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    Hello Linux! RadControls for Silverlight Support the Preview of Moonlight 4.

    The preview of Moonlight 4, an open source Linux implementation of Microsoft Silverlight by Novell is already a fact. And so is Telerik RadControls for Silverlight support for it. Now Linux users gain access to the latest Silverlight content and also to the advantages of the latest features of Silverlight on all platforms. Telerik and Moonlight is a powerful development combination. The preview of Moonlight 4 and RadControls for Silverlight support for it, now gives developers the flexibility they need to extend rich media application development to Linux. And this is not the first time we cooperate with Novell. Back in...
    February 16, 2011
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    Learn How to Win a Free License for RadControls for Windows Phone

    If you’ve started Windows Phone 7 application development already, or have an idea about an application you want to build, you also have a great chance to win a free license for RadControls for Windows Phone. All you need to do is: be among the first 500 people to download the brand new Beta release of RadControls submit your application featuring any of RadControls for Windows Phone to the Marketplace until 10th of May and send us the link at windowsphoneapps[at]telerik[dot]com We will also be glad to help you increase exposure for your app. Check out our brand new Showcase section, where we add...
    February 03, 2011
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    Join Us for the Special Free Windows Phone 7 Webinars Series. Guest lecturers - Shawn Wildermuth and Mark Arteaga.

    We’ve invited Shawn Wildermuth, Mark Arteaga and our Windows Phone Evangelist Evan Hutnick in a special Windows Phone 7 Free Webinar Series covering how to build apps for the third screen, how RadControls for Windows Phone can help you be more productive and how to use OData for data access. Find below short descriptions of the sessions: Date/Time: February 16, 2011, Wednesday, 10:00-11:00 a.m. EST Developing for the “Third Screen” - Windows Phone 7 Guest Presenter: Mark Arteaga, RedBit Development Mark Arteaga from RedBit Development will give you a high level overview of the Windows Phone 7 platform and will go into some of...
    January 26, 2011