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With the Q1 2011 release just around the corner, we remain true to our tradition to provide you with a special preview of the release highlights across Telerik’s entire product portfolio. This time around we will start with a sneak peek at some exciting new improvements and additions to JustCode, our Visual Studio productivity add-in.

The product development team has been busy acting upon your feedback and is excited to add decompiling, code-cleaner and code style-sharing to JustCode’s list of features. Coupled with JustCode’s real-time solution-wide code analysis and powerful refactorings, these three new features will allow you to write better .NET and JavaScript code faster than ever before.

The new decompiling functionality will enable you to recover lost source code and allow you to explore and analyze compiled .NET assemblies. We know a lot of you will welcome this addition as it comes in response to your feedback and recent developments in the industry.

Thanks to the new code-cleaner functionality, you can now easily automate code formatting and eliminate code redundancies, such as obsolete type casts, unnecessary empty statements, unused variables, private members and using directives. It provides a single-step short-cut to what has traditionally been a laborious process, can be executed upon a single application or an entire solution, and can simultaneously cleanse and refine code across distinct languages, including JavaScript. In addition to making code more readable and visually appealing, JustCode’s code-cleaner functionality enables adherence to company-wide coding standards and best-practice and can help eliminate inconsistencies.

Another interesting development in the JustCode camp is the addition of a code style-sharing feature, which will enable development teams of all sizes to adopt the same programming style by importing the preferred settings of a selected team member. Settings can be shared across the entire team working on a project for a healthier and cleaner end-result.

Make sure to register for the What's New in Q1 2011 Webinar for a chance to win a Telerik Ultimate Collection – one to be given away at each of the live webinar events. The 5-day "Release Webinar Week" will commence the week after the release and will feature the key new developments and additions that ship with the Q1 release.

Happy coding!

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Ina Tontcheva

(@pakostina) is a Product Marketing Manager at Telerik. She is a digital and mobile marketing explorer and works at Telerik with a focus on the native mobile UI family.


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