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We’ve invited Shawn Wildermuth, Mark Arteaga and our Windows Phone Evangelist Evan Hutnick in a special Windows Phone 7 Free Webinar Series covering how to build apps for the third screen, how RadControls for Windows Phone can help you be more productive and how to use OData for data access. Find below short descriptions of the sessions:

Date/Time: February 16, 2011, Wednesday, 10:00-11:00 a.m. EST

Developing for the “Third Screen” - Windows Phone 7
Guest Presenter: Mark Arteaga, RedBit Development
Mark Arteaga from RedBit Development will give you a high level overview of the Windows Phone 7 platform and will go into some of the new APIs available for Windows Phone 7. The webinar will cover the new application model, Windows Phone 7 specific services, sensors, multimedia plus more! Register for this webinar here

Date/Time: February 23, 2011, Wednesday, 10:00-11:00 a.m. EST

Consuming OData in Windows Phone 7
Guest Presenter: Shawn Wildermuth
The Windows Phone 7 represents a great application platform for the mobile user but being able to access data can take many forms. One particularly attractive choice for data access is OData (since it is a standard that many organizations are using to publish their data). In this talk, Shawn Wildermuth will show you how to build a Windows Phone 7 that accesses an OData feed! Register for the webinar here

Date/Time: February 10, 2011, Thursday, 10:00-11:00 a.m. EST

Using RadControls to Build Windows Phone 7 Applications
Presenter: Evan Hutnick, Telerik Windows Phone Evangelist
Evan Hutnick will take a closer look at how the RadControls for Windows Phone can help to accelerate your application development.  With easy to use components like the RadPhoneApplicationFrame  for a native OS-like transition between pages, RadJumpList to filter, sort, and group data into a more touch-friendly interface, and familiar tools like RadDatePicker and RadTimePicker, you’ll learn how to make your application stand out in the Marketplace. Register for the webinar here

Space is limited. Reserve your webinar seat now!

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