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    30 Customers’ WP7 Apps Built with RadControls Uploaded on the Showcase Section

    Big thanks to 14 more customers who were kind enough to send me their Windows Phone 7 apps built with Telerik RadControls. And for their patience as well, since it took me a while. It’s great to hear that some of those apps are in the top selling positions in their categories. Visit our Showcase gallery if you want to learn more. If you have an application built with RadControls for Windows Phone and uploaded on the Marketplace, send it to me at windowsphoneapps@telerik.com . I’ll be happy to add it to our Showcase gallery.
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    Guess What’s Cooking in Our Windows Phone 7 Lab

    We’ll be announcing a brand new Windows Phone 7 control at this year MIX event. Our WP7 Team Lead Valio Stoychev will be there to personally show you a demo and hear your feedback. Make sure to stop by our booth to chat with him and see the demo. In the meantime you have a chance to win one of 20 free licenses for RadControls for Windows Phone. All you need to do is guess which is the new component we’ll be demoing at MIX. Leave your prediction and e-mail address on this page. We’ll draw the lucky ones among all...
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    RadControls for Windows Phone 7 - on Sale from March 16th at a Special Promo Price!

    In keeping with St. Patrick’s Day and the luck o’ the Irish we’ll be offering RadControls for Windows Phone at a great promotional price - starting March 16. To find out just how lucky you are (Irish or not) right now, type “a pleasant surprise for windows phone developers” in Google and check the first result you see. Or click on “I’m feeling lucky” if you have disabled the instant feature. We promise you’ll be celebrating the pot of gold saved at the end of this rainbow-a-la-Google-search.  :-) For the less-up-to-speed, Telerik RadControls for Windows Phone are built from the ground up for the...
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    Q1’11 Pre-Release Series: RadControls for Windows Phone to Be Released at a Very Attractive Price

    Q1 2011 marks the official release of RadControls for Windows Phone with several exciting new features, such as RadGauge design-time support – you will be able to choose from a predefined Gauges gallery with a single click. Another highlight of the release will be the RadDataBoundListBox control, which is a light-weight version of the standard ListBox component and what’s more – the fastest ListBox component available. Thanks to its unmatched performance, your end-users can navigate through thousands of items without ever slowing down the application. The JumpList control is using Telerik’s unique DataLayer building upon LINQ to make filtering, sorting and grouping possible with setting a single property....
    February 25, 2011
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    The RadControls for Windows Phone Showcase Series – part 2

    7 new customers’ Windows Phone 7 applications built with RadControls for Windows Phone hit the Marketplace and our brand new Showcase section as well. Below are the deep links for all the apps. You need to have a Zune installed if you want to see them though. Daily Question is asking you a set of questions every day to motivate you to be the kind of person you want to be and to better frame your upcoming day. You can add, edit and delete questions or share the entire list by e-mail. The Resolutions app helps you prioritize and monitor each resolution status...
    February 23, 2011