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    Telerik is a Proud Sponsor of the SilverlightShow Eco Contest

    Telerik is always happy to support Silverlight developers and not only with tools that rock. For a second year in a row Telerik is a sponsor of the SilverlightShow Contest for Silverlight applications. This year the competition aims at sparking the creativity of all environment friendly Silverlight developers and designers.  2011 has been declared the International Year of Forests by the United Nations and the theme of the contest is related to the environment as well. Create a Silverlight application that informs about the critical situation with forests preservation and win great prizes such as a trip to  MIX11 event at Mandalay Bay...
    January 14, 2011
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    The RadControls for Windows Phone Showcase Series – part 1

    I cannot hide my excitement form the fact that even though RadControls for Windows Phone are still in a CTP stage, there are already a bunch of apps on the Windows Phone Marketplace, that are built with the suite. The application I’m showing you today is called HealthCaddy – your buddy if you are tracking health data points such as blood glucose, blood pressure and weight readings daily as part of your health and fitness goals. The main reading entry screen displays a quick snapshot of four most recent entries. Double-tap the graph and you’ll get to a full-screen version of the...
    January 06, 2011
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    Find RadControls for Windows Phone on the Marketplace

    Now you can download RadControls for Windows Phone examples directly on your phone from the Windows Phone 7 marketplace. Check out the unique animations and page transitions, the Window, the UniformGrid and many other controls that can’t be found in the Microsoft Windows Phone toolkit. If you’d like to see the controls in action, check the Mood Swing application also available on the Marketplace. It is built with RadControls for Windows Phone, using RadWindow, RadWrapPanel, RadDatePicker and RadTimePicker. Mood Swing enables you to track your feelings and share them with the world in the most unique and elegant way. Just...
    December 15, 2010
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    What’s the temperature? Check it out and win an Xbox!

    The Telerik Silverlight teams have released various demo applications together with hundreds of examples to help you get started more easily with RadControls for Silverlight. The newest demo application, the Weather Station, will not only show you how to bind the Telerik Silverlight data visualization controls to real-time data, thus creating interactive and engaging user experience, but it might also help you win an Xbox 360. All you have to do to participate in the “What’s the temperature?” game is to:  Launch the Weather Station application Check the weather in your city Tweet the temperature and the name of your city. Use...
    December 09, 2010
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    Have You Heard About f!acedeck?

      How do you find the interface of this application? Like it? It’s my f!acedeck. What is f!acedeck? It’s a Silverlight-based, client application for Facebook. The product was formerly known as “Microsoft Client for Facebook Beta”, but is now available with the name Telerik f!acedeck and is being offered as a free tool by Telerik. If you have happened to be at the Silverlight Firestarter event, or have been watching it online, you should probably know all this. The news about Telerik taking over the application from Microsoft was announced by Scott Gu there. Let me tell you some more on...
    December 02, 2010