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How do you find the interface of this application?

Like it?

It’s my f!acedeck.

What is f!acedeck? It’s a Silverlight-based, client application for Facebook. The product was formerly known as “Microsoft Client for Facebook Beta”, but is now available with the name Telerik f!acedeck and is being offered as a free tool by Telerik. If you have happened to be at the Silverlight Firestarter event, or have been watching it online, you should probably know all this. The news about Telerik taking over the application from Microsoft was announced by Scott Gu there.

Let me tell you some more on why you should try f!acedeck.

If you care for cool, slick interface for one. The application has a nice, elegant black finish touch, big fonts and quite a lot of free space, which help deliver superior user experience in an out-of-browser environment.

Furthermore you can upload photos with a simple drag-and-drop operation from your file system to your
f!acedeck. You have an instant access to your web camera – you can share your videos with friends faster and easier. Using f!acedeck will save you from notifications from all types of unwanted applications. You only see what you care for. You can also personalize your experience and choose a view – standard Facebook view, or grid-like.

There are certainly more interesting features, which you can explore with Telerik  f!acedeck. All you need to have in order to install the app is Silverlight 4.

Read more and install the application here.

Enjoy your f!acedeck!

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Ina Tontcheva

(@pakostina) is a Product Marketing Manager at Telerik. She is a digital and mobile marketing explorer and works at Telerik with a focus on the native mobile UI family.


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