The Telerik and Kendo UI R2 2021 Release is Here!

What's New

What’s New in the R2 2021 Release

Telerik & Kendo UI R2 2021: Introducing Telerik UI for WinUI, the Largest Blazor UI Component Suite, Over 30 Enhancements Across All .NET & JavaScript Grids & More!

R2 2021 Release Overview

The Only .NET and JavaScript Toolbox You Will Ever Need!

It’s never been easier to build sleek, engaging and user-centric UI across your .NET and JavaScript applications without investing too much time in design. The Telerik and Kendo UI R2 2021 release is LIVE with a ton of enhancements across each Grid, new components and improvements in our .NET web, desktop and mobile libraries, JavaScript web libraries, reporting, automated testing and mocking tools. 

If you are an existing Telerik or Kendo UI customer, dive right into the release by downloading the latest bits. To access the latest Angular, React and Vue functionality, install the respective npm packages. Or, if you haven’t checked out our products recently, now is the perfect time to give them another try

Learn about the latest improvements by watching the Telerik and Kendo UI R2 2021 release webinars: 

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And last, but not least we revamped one of the favorite places that developers love hanging out – the Telerik Forums. Check out the complete forums story of why and what in the dedicated blog post.



Angular DropDownTree Component - 200x370

Kendo UI for Angular

  • New Component: Angular BottomNavigation
  • New Component: Angular MultiSelectTree
  • New Component: Angular Skeleton
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React External Drop Zone Component small


  • New Component: React External Drop Zone
  • New Component: React Skeleton
  • KendoReact Documentation Upgrade: Adding TypeScript and Hooks Examples
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Vue Upload Component - 200x370-2

Kendo UI for Vue

  • New Vue Button Components: FloatingActionButton
  • New Vue Layout Components: ChipList
  • New Vue File Management Component: Upload
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TaskBoard Component Thumbnail 370x200

Kendo UI for jQuery

  • New Component: jQuery TaskBoard
  • New Component: jQuery ActionSheet
  • New Component: jQuery Skeleton
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Telerik UI for Blazor PanelBar

Telerik UI for Blazor

  • New Component: PanelBar
  • New Component: Form
  • New Grid Enhancement: Row(s) Drag and Drop
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Telerik UI for ASP.NET Core TaskBoard

Telerik UI for ASP.NET Core

  • New Component: TaskBoard
  • New Component: Skeleton
  • New Component: ActionSheet
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Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX Switch

Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX

  • New Component: Switch
  • New Gantt Feature: Planned vs. Actual
  • New Theme Builder Improvements
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Telerik UI for ASP.NET MVC Skeleton

Telerik UI for ASP.NET MVC

  • New ASP.NET MVC Component: Skeleton
  • New ASP.NET MVC Component: TaskBoard
  • New ASP.NET MVC Grid Feature: Data Range Selection, Copy and Export
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Telerik UI for PHP Grid Range Selection

Telerik UI for PHP

  • New Grid Feature: Data Range Selection, Copy and Export
  • New Component: ActionSheet
  • New Component: TaskBoard
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Telerik UI for JSP ActionSheet

Telerik UI for JSP

  • New JSP Component: ActionSheet
  • New JSP Component: Skeleton
  • New JSP Component: TaskBoard
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BadgeView Control for Xamarin by Telerik

Telerik UI for Xamarin

  • New BadgeView Control
  • New Shadow Control
  • Xamarin Barcode: Swiss QR Code
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Material and Visual Studio 2019 themes - dark variations support

Telerik UI for WPF

  • CardView Official Version
  • New Barcode Component with Support for Swiss QR Code
  • Dark Variations for Material and Visual Studio 2019 Theme
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Telerik UI for WinForms Callout Control

Telerik UI for WinForms

  • New Callout Control
  • WinForms Barcode: Swiss QR Code
  • New Palettes for Office 2019 Theme
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Telerik UI for WinUI Scheduler

Telerik UI for WinUI

  • New Component: Scheduler
  • New Component: ListView
  • New Component: Shadow
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Test Studio introduces simplified test debugging

Telerik Test Studio

  • Step Failure Details
  • Enterprise Test Automation
  • Other Notable Improvements
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Blazor Report Designer

Telerik Reporting

  • Blazor Report Designer
  • Enhanced Web Designer
  • Swiss Barcode Symbology
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Improved Report Designer

Telerik Report Server

  • Improved Web Designer
  • New Swiss Barcode Symbology
  • Newly Released Report Content Themes
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Enhanced JustMock Profiler

Telerik JustMock

  • Enhanced Telerik JustMock Profiler for Even Faster Unit Test Execution 
  • Debug Window Now Shows Argument Information for a Particular Mock Arrangement
  • Compatibility with .NET 6 Latest Preview 
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Fiddler Everywhere

Fiddler Everywhere

  • New UI Themes
  • New Rule Builder
  • New Overview Inspector
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Release History

R1 2021

Telerik & Kendo UI R1 2021: 50+ New Components, 20+ Grid Improvements, Industry-Leading Blazor UI Controls & Tools, Support for .NET 5 Official, Angular 11, React 17 & More!

R3 2020

Telerik & Kendo UI R3 2020: 45+ New Components, Blazor and WinUI Updates, Support for .NET 5, Angular 10, Vue 3.0 & More!

R2 2020

The New Era of .NET is Coming! Telerik Controls Now Feature Support for .NET 5 Preview, Blazor WebAssembly, and 40+ Blazor Native Components!

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