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New Vue Button Component: Button

The Vue Button component is an essential UI element that allows you to show buttons with text only, icons and/or images. These buttons will automatically fit with your chosen theme, so creating consistent and beautiful UI is easy.

See the Vue Button demo

Vue Buttons Component

New Vue Button Components: ButtonGroup

The ButtonGroup component is a convenient container for two or more buttons. With this component, buttons that belong together can easily be positioned and repositioned as a group. Buttons can share configurations or be configured separately.

See the Vue ButtonGroup demo

Vue ButtonGroup Compoment

New Vue Button Components: FloatingActionButton

A popular element in mobile applications, the Floating Action Button presents users with the primary action on a screen by appearing in front of all other content. When clicked, it can either perform a single action or show additional options on a dial. It is commonly used to create new items, such as emails or records.

See the Vue FloatingActionButton demo

Vue Floating Action Button Component

New Vue Layout Components: Chip

The Kendo UI for Vue Chip component shows text, a close or delete icon and images. Often used in social media platforms or email clients to indicate the different users in the recipient’s field of a message, the Vue Chip component is perfect for listing selected items.

See the Vue Chip demo

Vue Chip Component

New Vue Layout Components: ChipList

A companion to the Chip component, ChipList organizes several individual chips in a list and provides features to manage the list, including adding and removing items and maintaining the selected chips.

See the Vue ChipList demo

Vue ChipList Component

New Vue File Management Component: Upload

The Kendo UI for Vue Upload component enables users to upload files from their local systems in any Vue-based application. It offers several features, including batch and chunk upload modes, and dragging and dropping files from the file system.

See the Vue Upload demo

Vue Upload  Component - Overview

New Vue Data Grid Feature: Infinite Scrolling

Performance is a top priority for any developer who needs to show large amounts of data in grid format. With that in mind, the Vue Data Grid now supports infinite scrolling. With this feature enabled, records are initially loaded into the grid’s viewable area and additional records are loaded as the user scrolls, giving the illusion that content can scroll infinitely.

See the Vue Data Grid infinite scrolling demo

Vue Grid  Component - Infinite Scrolling

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