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New Component: Vue ComboBox

The Kendo UI for Vue ComboBox is a form component that lets users select from a list of available options. Rendered as an input element with a drop-down indicator, the Vue ComboBox is a far richer version of the native HTML select element and supports data binding, templates, filtering, and custom values.

See Vue ComboBox demo.

Kendo UI for Vue ComboBox Component with a user opening the drop down and selecting a value

New Component: Vue AutoComplete

With the Kendo UI for Vue AutoComplete component developers can let end-users search through a long list of available data items, which will be filtered down as the user types. The Vue AutoComplete component initially renders as a regular input element and displays the list of potential data items in a popup as the user focuses the component - ensuring only the most minimal real estate is consumed by the component.

See Vue AutoComplete demo.

Kendo UI for Vue AutoComplete Component with a user starting to type a value to filter down the possible items to select from

New Component: Vue MaskedTextBox

The Kendo UI for Vue native MaskedTextBox is an input element that only allows a particular format of data to be entered by the end-user. This can be a phone number, ZIP code, or anything following a custom mask. The MaskedTextBox not only helps with validating the particular mask, but also prevents certain user keyboard strokes to be inserted into the component if they do not follow the defined mask.

See Vue MaskedTextBox demo.

Kendo UI for Vue MaskedTextBox with a user typing in a phone number adhering to a particular format

Vue 3.0 Compatibility

In preparation for the official Vue 3.0 release both the wrapped and native Kendo UI for Vue components are now compatible with the official Vue 3.0 release!

The Vue logo with Vue 3.0 support in text below the logo

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