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New UI Themes

Fiddler Everywhere now offers four options for UI theming - Default Light, Default Dark, Light Blue, and Dark Blue. Play around with the different styles and select your preferred appearance for your application, choosing two light and two dark themes.  


UI Themes

New Rule Builder

With the latest release, we introduce a new and revamped Rule Builder, formerly known as the Auto Responder. Match conditions, execute actions, and apply various modifications on requests and responses on Live Traffic and Saved and Shared sessions to test and debug applications and websites quickly.  

Rules Tab

New Overview Inspector

You can now check the sizes and timings for the execution of different parts of your requests and responses, visualized as text as well as in a chart-like format. In addition, selecting multiple sessions shows you statistics for all of them, such as the number of requests per host, number of status code responses, etc. All this information is available in the new Overview Inspector tab applicable for Live Traffic and Saved and Shared sessions.  

Overview Inspector

Fiddler Everywhere

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