Telerik R2 2021 Release Webinar –
Web, Desktop & Mobile Products

Introducing Telerik UI for WinUI, the Largest Blazor UI Component Suite,  
Support for .NET 6 Latest Preview & More!

Tuesday, May 18 I 11:00 am – 1:00 pm ET

Twitch Sessions:
Wednesday, May 19 I 9:00 – 10:30 am ET I Blazor, WinUI, Xamarin
Thursday, May 20 I 1:30 – 3:00 pm ET I Blazor, WinUI, Xamarin

The Only .NET UI Toolbox You Will Ever Need!

It’s never been easier to create sleek, engaging and user-centric app UI without investing too much time in design. The Telerik R2 2021 release is coming with a ton of new components, features and improvements across our .NET web, desktop and mobile libraries that empower you to build user-friendly and highly interactive apps for any audience quickly and with ease.

We’re shipping our R2 release on May 12, 2021. Join the live Telerik R2 2021 release webinar on Tuesday, May 18, 2021 at 11:00 am ET as our developer advocates Ed Charbeneau and Sam Basu present in detail the major updates across our .NET web, desktop and mobile libraries.

Complement this webinar with the live Twitch demo sessions on Wednesday, May 18, 9:00 – 10:30 am ET and Thursday, May 19, 1:30 – 3:00 pm ET to see in action the newly released components and features for Telerik UI for Blazor, Telerik UI for WInUI and Telerik UI for Xamarin and get ideas on how to use them in your projects.

Highlights We’ll Cover During the Live Webinar:

Telerik UI for Blazor with 75+ Truly Native Components
*Officially the largest Blazor UI suite on the market!

  • New components: PanelBar, Form, Card, Color Palette, Arc Gauge, Linear Gauge, Circular Gauge, Radial Gauge, Validation Summary, Validation Tooltip, Validation Message and MediaQuery
  • New Grid features: Multi-column headers, Rows Drag & Drop, Excel-like Editing and Navigation, Fit Column Width to Content, Hide Columns on Small Devices, Frozen Columns with Virtualization, Grouping Columns in the ColumnMenu, CheckBox-only selection, Checkbox as Default Editor for Boolean, Built-in Validation for InCell & InLine Editing
  • New TreeList features: Excel-like Editing and Navigation, Hide Columns on Small Devices, Fit Column Width to Content, Built-in Validation for InCell & InLine Editing, Frozen Columns with Virtualization,CheckBox-only selection, Checkbox as Default Editor for Boolean
  • New Editor features: Highlighting, Paste Cleanup, Copy & Paste Images
  • New Time Interval feature in DateInput, DatePicker, TimePicker and DateTimePicker components
  • New Window features: Draggable & Stacking Windows
  • New Calendar features: Templates & Cell Render Event
  • New Selects feature: Virtualization
  • New Predefined Dialogs features: Alert, Confirm and Prompt
  • New DropDownList feature: Filter
  • New VS Code Wizard: Seamless setup of Telerik UI for Blazor components in existing Blazor projects 

Telerik UI for ASP.NET MVC & Telerik UI for ASP.NET Core

  • New components: Task Board, Skeleton, Action Sheet and Circular Gauge
  • New Grid features: Data Range Selection plus sleek option to copy or export to chart & file
  • New Editor feature: Image Resizing via Handles
  • New TreeList features: Filter Row, Row Template
  • New Scheduler features: Grouping Support, Year View, Normal Display of 24h Events
  • New QR Code features: Swiss QR Code, Support for Logo/Image in QR Code
  • New Drawer feature: Hierarchical Items
  • New Map feature: Support for Azure Maps

Specific to Telerik UI for ASP.NET Core:

  • Compatibility with .NET 6 Latest Preview
  • Linux Installer for Telerik UI for ASP.NET Core

Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX

  • New component: Switch 
  • New Gantt features:
    • Planned vs Actual
    • Control Action Buttons and Add Custom
    • Column and Views Header Templates
    • Task Tooltip Template
    • Column Template
    • Expose Gantt properties and events
  • ThemeBuilder updates (new components and fixes)

Telerik UI for Xamarin with a Growing UI library of High-Quality Controls & New Features

  • New control: Badge control
  • New Barcode feature: Support for Swiss QR Barcode
  • New Entry features: Support for Read-only and MaxLenght

Telerik UI for WPF with 140+ Controls & Support for the Latest Trends in .NET Desktop

  • Compatibility with .NET 6 Latest Preview
  • New control: Official version of CardView
  • New control: A new Barcode control that will include new symbologies—Swiss QR, IntelligentMail and DataMatrix, as well as support for vector resizing
  • Updates to themes: Dark variations for Material and Visual Studio 2019
  • New RichTextBox feature: Support for shapes

Telerik UI for WinForms with 140+ Controls & More New Features

  • Compatibility with .NET 6 Latest Preview
  • New control: Callout control
  • New features for Barcode: Support for Swiss QR Barcode
  • Updates to Office 2019 theme: Support for Dark and Colorful palettes

Telerik UI for WinUI: The Fastest–Growing, Production-Ready WinUI Library

  • New controls: Scheduler, ListView with support for extended selection, Shadow, HubTile, NumericBox, SideDrawer
  • New Barcode feature: Swiss QR barcode
  • Support for Document Processing Libraries: PDFProcessing, WordsProcessing, SpreadProcessing, SpreadStreamProcessing and Zip Library

The Speakers:

Ed Charbeneau

Ed Charbeneau
Principal Developer Advocate, Progress

Ed is a Microsoft MVP and an internationally recognized online influencer, speaker, writer, a Developer Advocate for Progress, and expert on all things web development. Ed enjoys geeking out to cool new tech, brainstorming about future technology and admiring great design.

Sam Basu

Sam Basu
Senior Developer Advocate, Progress

Sam Basu is a technologist, author, speaker, Microsoft MVP, gadget lover and Progress Developer Advocate for Telerik products. With a long developer background, he now spends much of his time advocating modern web/mobile/cloud development platforms on Microsoft/Telerik technology stacks. His spare times call for travel, fast cars, cricket and culinary adventures with the family.

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