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Rules Grouping

With the latest version of Fiddler Everywhere, you can find the long-awaited Rules Grouping feature. The new functionality allows for a better organization of rules. You can choose the preferred way to group rules based on your scenarios by having multiple levels – from single rules to groups and subgroups. The feature also eases your work with rules by applying actions in bulk including enabling, disabling, executing, reordering and more. You can use drag and drop to easily arrange your rules and groups within the view. 




Fiddler Everywhere_rules_grouping

Capture Traffic Through Terminal

Starting a terminal process is another option for capturing traffic that we are adding to Fiddler Everywhere. The functionality will automatically proxy all requests from cURL, Node.js and Python apps (run in the terminal) to Fiddler Everywhere. The following terminals are supported: 

- Command Prompt, Windows PowerShell, and PowerShell– on Windows 

- Terminal application – on macOS 

- GNOME terminal, Konsole, Xterm, and X-terminal-emulator – on Linux 



Fiddler Everywhere_traffic_thtough_terminal_gif

Capture gRPC

In addition to the HTTP/2 support, we are introducing support for another protocol which is gRPC (in beta). With Fiddler Everywhere you can now capture such remote procedure calls to debug applications that are using this framework. The gRPC sessions will appear in the Live Traffic grid with the WebSocket icon as indication and the handshake can be further analyzed in the Inspectors with gRPC specific information in the Trailers tab of the Response body. 


Fiddler Everywhere Captute grpc

TLS 1.3 Support

The Fiddler Everywhere application supports a higher TLS version and will use by default TLS 1.3 for both the client and the server connection. While establishing the HTTPS connection, if the client and/or the server support TLS 1.3, Fiddler Everywhere will select/suggest it and indicate the version and needed info on multiple places in the app.


Fiddler Everywhere TLS 1.3 support

Create Custom Columns

This new feature allows you to create, add and set filters to custom columns in the Live Traffic grid based on the Request/Response Headers. You can do so by either setting a column from scratch from the Columns menu, or by choosing existing sessions headers and creating a new column based on those. The latter could be accessed directly from the Headers tab in the Inspectors.

Fiddler_Everywhere_add-custom-column gif

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