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Overview Inspector Enhancements

We have improved the Overview tab in Fiddler Everywhere by adding the following options: 

  • Display of full URL of selected session or sessions on hover – you can view and copy the full URL or just parts of it 

  • Showcasing the total sizes and timings for selected request or requests 

Autocompletion support

In the Rule Builder and the Advanced Filters, we now have support for autocompletion when setting your conditions. The app will suggest the sessions that you want to match based on the keywords you’re typing in the text fields and your Live Traffic captures 

Fiddler Everywhere Autocompletion in Rule Builder and Advanced Filters

Match rule specific number of times

This functionality allows you to set a counter to a rule to be executed only specific number of times instead of having it working or non-working the whole time. After reaching the counter limit you have chosen, the rule will automatically be disabled. Through this option you can create complex testing scenarios based on your workflow. 

Compare session rows

We are adding an option to compare sessions from the Live Traffic or from your Saved Sessions directly in Fiddler Everywhere – this is part of the bigger Compare Traffic feature and is currently in Beta. You can select two-session rows and choose to Compare from the contextual menu, which allows you to see the difference between two requests and determine why one is failing while the other is succeeding.  


Compare session rows

Server certificate details

In Fiddler Everywhere you can now find information about server certificate and the certificate chain. You can see those details and a certificate validity indication through the chip that is displayed in the Response part of the Inspectors. In addition, the app detects if there are 30 days or less remaining until a certificate renewal is required and shows a warning for expiring certificates. 



certificate details

Case sensitive matching

You can now change the matching of text in conditions from case-insensitive to case-sensitive through the Aa button available. This feature is available in both the Rules and the Advanced Filters and allows for easier conditions setup and matching flow.


case sensitive matching

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