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New HTTP/2 Support (Beta)

We are now introducing HTTP/2 support (in Beta) in Fiddler Everywhere, which allows you to inspect HTTP/2 traffic. Additionally, HTTP/2 is supported in the Composer, which means that you can execute and test requests from different protocol versions, including  HTTP/2, and see the difference in requests' behavior.

HTTP/2 Traffic Inspector

New WebSocket Support

With the latest release, Fiddler Everywhere supports WebSocket capturing. You can now capture information sent back and forth between the client and the server through an ongoing two-way connection. This allows you to inspect real-time data transfer applicable for chat apps, websites with live updates and more. 


WebSocket Support

New Advanced Filters

The advanced filters in Fiddler Everywhere are now fully revamped and provide more functionality and a more intuitive user interface. You can apply complex filtering to the captured sessions in the Live Grid and all your Saved/Shared sessions by specifying one or more conditions and setting the statement based on how you want the traffic to be filtered.  

Advanced Filters

New Getting Started Experience

We have updated the My Resources dialog with more information about your possibilities with Fiddler Everywhere. The dialog aims to provide a smoother onboarding experience and explains how to properly configure your environment based on the way you want to capture HTTPS traffic.  

Fiddler Everywhere User Interface

New Tray Icon

The System Tray icon provides an easy way to manage actions related to the Fiddler Everywhere application. The Tray icon detects if you have successfully configured the app to capture HTTPS traffic and allows you to start and pause, capturing directly from the icon. You also have the option to quit the app from the icon or show it if it’s minimized and it isn’t easy to locate it on your screen(s). 

Fiddler Everywhere Tray Icon

Fiddler Everywhere

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