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Did you know that there over 25 localized versions of RadSpell's dictionaries (30, to be exact)? Did you know there are over 10 localizations of RadEditor? When you're building a global site, you often need to support a number of languages, and thanks to Telerik's outstanding community, we are able to offer a huge range of localizations for the RadControls- especially those controls which depend heavily on localized strings. Not all controls require localizations- a RadSlider or ColorPicker, for example, communicate their UI without any built-in strings. Even controls like RadGrid don't have much need for localization. Other controls- like RadEditor, RadSpell, and RadScheduler- have more built-in UI elements with string values and thus more need for broad localization support.

Officially, Telerik supports three languages:

  • English (en-EN)
  • French (fr-FR)
  • German (de-DE)

There are Telerik provided localized versions of the RadEditor and RadSpell dialogs for these languages, plus RadSpell dictionaries. Telerik has a large (and active) developer community, though, and many of our customers have shared their localizations for the benefit of the entire community. While not "officially" support, these localizations are made available by Telerik so you have easy access to huge variety of languages.

Beyond the "official 3," Telerik has RadSpell dictionaries for an additional 27 languages:

  • Arabic (ar-AR)
  • Afrikaans (af-ZA)
  • Bulgarian (bg-BG)
  • Czech (cd-CZ)
  • Danish (da-DK)
  • German (Swiss) (de-CH)
  • Spanish (es-ES)
  • English (Australian) (en-AU)
  • English (British)  (en-GB)
  • English (Canadian) (en-CA)
  • Italian (it-IT)
  • Hebrew (he-IL)
  • French (Canadian) (fr-CA)
  • Hungarian (hu-HU)
  • Norwegian bokmål (nb-NO)
  • Norwegian nynorsk (nn-NO)
  • Dutch (nl-NL)
  • Polish (pl-PL)
  • Portuguese (pt-PT)
  • Portuguese (Brazil) (pt-BR)
  • Romanian (ro-RO)
  • Russian (ru-RU)
  • Ukrainian (uk-UA)
  • Slovak (sl-SK)
  • Swedish (sv-SE)
  • Slovenian (sl-SI)
  • Thai (th-TH)

All localized dictionaries are available on the Telerik forums. Of course, community submitted dictionaries may not be as complete as the Telerik provided dictionaries, but we hope that these resources help. For RadEditor, there are localized versions of the dialogs and toolbars in these 9 languages (beyond the "official 3"):

  • Danish (da-DK)
  • Dutch (nl-NL)
  • English (British)
  • Hebrew (he-IL)
  • Italian (it-IT)
  • Japanese (ja-JP)
  • Polish (pl-PL)
  • Portuguese (Brazil) (pt-BR)
  • Traditional Chinese (zh-DN)

You can download these global resources on the Telerik forums, too. In the same zip resources, you also find some "bonus" localizations. There are a few localizations for RadScheduler, RadUpload, and RadProgressArea in the following languages:

  • English (British) - RadScheduler, RadSpell (dialogs), RadUpload, RadProgressArea
  • Hebrew - RadSpell (dialogs), RadUpload, RadProgressArea
  • Portuguese (Brazil) - RadScheduler, RadSpell (dialogs)

Hopefully these resources will come in handy for your global projects that use the RadControls. And if you've got a localization of the RadControls not listed here, why not share it with community! Send Telerik an email with your localizations and if we're able to use them, your efforts will be happily rewarded. 'Til next time, Goodbye! Auf Wiedersehen! Arrivederci!

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Todd Anglin

Todd Anglin is Vice President of Product at Progress. Todd is responsible for leading the teams at Progress focused on NativeScript, a modern cross-platform solution for building native mobile apps with JavaScript. Todd is an author and frequent speaker on web and mobile app development. Follow Todd @toddanglin for his latest writings and industry insights.

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