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    RadChart for WP7 - Tooltip

    One of the new features of the chart control for the Q2 Beta2 release is an API for behaviors. We decided do decouple the chart from some of its features and make them separate objects for the usual software development reasons. Now RadChart has a Behaviors collection that accepts ChartBehavior objects. Whenever an object is added to or removed from this collection a feature is either enabled or disabled in a RadChart instance respectively. We provide three behaviors out of the box and these are ChartPanAndZoomBehavior, ChartTrackballBehavior and ChartToolTipBehavior. The tooltip behavior allows the chart to show a tooltip wherever the user taps...
    July 29, 2011
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    Telerik controls for Windows Phone - Q2 2011 Official

    Trend-Setting Tools for Amazing Mobile Apps – RadControls for Windows Phone now feature 22 native controls for building first class mobile applications. This release marks launch of three new controls: RadChart RadChart is the fastest chart control for WP7 available on the market, with an intuitive and easy-to-use public API. Read more about the performance test that we run. Super-fast loading and real-time updates, excellent drawing capabilities and pixel-perfectness are some of the features you can enjoy. The control’s intuitive object model and public API allow complex charts to be easily setup either in XAML or code-behind. The control ships with more than 20 chart...
    July 13, 2011
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    Fun with RadLoopingList: Horizontal looping

    With RadControls for Windows Phone 7 Q2 2011 Beta 2 we have extended the feature set of RadLoopingList by adding support for horizontal looping: there is now a new Orientation property which can be set to either Vertical or Horizontal. We have also prepared a nice example in our Telerik Demos app (available on the WP7 Marketplace) which uses RadLoopingList to build a picture gallery that shows gallery items in a movie strip: Since some of you asked us to explain how this example was built, I decided to put it in a blog by giving all the steps you need...
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    Another milestone for RadControls for Windows Phone – Q2 2011 Beta 2 is here

    We reached a second important milestone before the official Q2 2011 release. Today we announce the Beta 2. In this release we included major additions to the Chart and the DataBoundListBox controls. Our Windows Phone Charts now support:  Stacked 100 Bar, Line and Area series  Scatter (XY) series – ScatterPoint, ScatterLine and ScatterArea Pan & zoom behavior – the chart can be zoomed in/out and panned both horizontally and/or vertically. Pan and Zoom can also be set programmatically  Track ball behavior – allows extended data point information to be displayed upon Hold gesture  Tooltip behavior – displays context-sensitive...
    June 30, 2011
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    RadDataBoundListBox for WP7 matures, now adds Multiple Items Selection support

    Q2 2011 Beta 2 of RadControls for Windows Phone 7 is on its way and part of the box is a meaty new RadDataBoundListBox feature: multiple items selection ability. As many of you already know, the mail client on all Windows Phones shows a check box next to each visual container thus allowing the end-user to select a bunch of items and perform an action with them. RadDataBoundListBox can now do pretty much the same thing by exposing a very convenient API and neat UX for working with checkboxes. There is now a CheckedItems collection which exposes methods for checking/unchecking items programmatically,...