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    New RSS feeds available for Telerik Reporting

    Telerik is definitely unique in its transparency and openness when it comes to providing you with information on the work we do for you, our clients and users. So, here comes a new transparent channel to get the most recent news about Telerik Reporting directly in your RSS reader, without the need to visit our site. In addition to the already available Reporting Support Feed, which provides you with information on new Code Library projects and new Knowledge Base articles on RadControls for WinForms, we add the following feeds on new help articles, new demos, and new internal builds: Telerik Reporting Help RSS...
    December 17, 2009
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    Using IValueConverter to format values in RadControls for Silverlight

    It’s often necessary to modify or format some of the raw data received by your data tier application or other data sources. In Silverlight, you can create your own value converter and introduce your own formatting rules. In this blog post I will create a simple value converter that formats double values, and then use it with a RadComboBox. First, let’s create a class that will represent our data source. The equivalent of this class in more realistic scenario would be a proxy class generated by your data tier application in case you use RIA services.     public class Data : List<Item>       {           public Data()           {               this.Add(new Item() { Name = "Ferrari", Price = 120000 });               this.Add(new Item() { Name = "Mercedes", Price = 100000 });...
    April 29, 2009
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    Being new to Silverlight

    Keeping track of new technology is quite a tedious job.  In fact, if you try to catch up with all hot trends in software development you probably will end up having a job as a full time blog reader. In contrast, most software developers are always anxious about stretching their fingers on some actual coding. But the beginning is always the hardest part, even more if you are not patient enough or haven’t had time to watch videos and spent hours reading tutorials. In case you are coming from a different programming background, you are certainly used to specific methods...
    April 17, 2009
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    Comparing Generic Types

        Today I was dealing with the problem of comparing generic types in Silverlight. After researching the problem I found many similar issues for which I couldn't find any straightforward solution on the web. So here we go - a post on the issue how to compare generic types. First, let’s say we have a simple generic class which is composed of two generic properties A and B, and a method that we will later use to compare these two properties. Moreover, I will constraint the class to invoke the constructor of the generic type argument by using where T : new()      public class GenericClass<T> where T : new()       {...
    January 10, 2009
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    Marketing and Silverlight, configuring cross-domain banners

    I have been part of Telerik’s Silverlight team for almost a year now, and I too well know that our marketing team is just two floors away to say anything bad about marketing.  So I will just say that now having Silverlight 2 in its official version out, marketing mix should adopt one more P in its four P’s concept, Ptechnology. That is why, I will try to explain this topic step by step, so that all marketing guys attracted by the name of this topic can delete the first paragraph and give it to their development teams for consideration....
    December 30, 2008