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    Real-World Recruiting Application using RadControls for Silverlight 3 [part 1]

    As in any business, with prosperity comes the need to bring in more people to handle the workload.  Telerik is no stranger to that, but here in the US office this has previously been a process heavy with Excel files, carefully tagging emails in Outlook, and relying on the Outlook calendar to ensure that interviews and the like are all in synch.  This worked when the US office was working out of someone's house a few years back, but with two offices, multiple brand new and open positions, and more on the way, we realized we'd need to figure out some...
    February 22, 2010
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    Telerik Reporting offers industry’s first built-in Silverlight Viewer

    The Q3 2009 release is now in the past, but the newly introduced features are here to stay. Although the newly introduced JustCode productivity tool stirred quite a bit of excitement at PDC and in our forums, it cannot yet shade the native Silverlight support for reports created with Telerik Reporting. Telerik Reporting Silverlight Viewer Although there are several Silverlight viewer implementations out there, most notably for SQL Reporting Services, there is no reporting product that offers true native support for Silverlight. The Telerik Silverlight Report Viewer is designed to render Telerik Reports within Silverlight projects (see demos). The Silverlight viewer uses the same rendering...
    November 23, 2009
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    Silverlight DragDrop Hello (Real) World Application

    A Most Interesting Hello (Real) World Application Sometimes you can get away with a small application to show off some features. But dragging rectangles around is just not enough. You need a TreeView, you need a GridView, ListBox and a good user feedback. Why not place everything in a Docking Control? Some examples of DragDrop can be a bit unrealistic. You do not always have your elements defined in XAML. You cannot always have a reference to the containers you want to drag/drop. So we need to go a bit more real-world. What I tried to do is create a simple application that...
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    WPF / Silverlight: RadChart and MVVM

    While reviewing the daily portion of blog posts today one article at Delay’s blog here caught my attention – customizing the MS chart control via re-templating and the MVVM design pattern in order to achieve different colorization of the bar series items in a single series. We have discussed similar functionality some time ago but it seemed like a very non-mainstream scenario and based on our experience with the ASP.NET / WinForms chart it was rarely requested feature so we decided we can go without it for the time being. However, once I read the article I started thinking what it would...
    February 05, 2009