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    Wicked Smart Dummy Data for .NET

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    We all do it. We all feel guilty about it later. We all pretend to not see it when we see presenters do it live or when it's done in a video. It's demo data. Useless, often completely random, sometime...
  • People

    .NET - The Bad Parts

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    In many ways, working as a developer is kind of like going to war. There are victories, there are casualties, there are often heroic songs sung by the campfire, but at the end of the day every project...
    April 23, 2014
  • Release

    Telerik XAMLflix Data Visualization Webinar Wrap-up

    Thank you everyone for turning out to Tuesday’s XAMLflix Data Visualization webinar, featuring the RadControls for Silverlight and WPF in action. We covered a lot of ground in this webinar, moving at a quick pace to present the wide range of Telerik Data Visualization controls with lots of hands-on coding and examples, but as those who attended can see we didn’t even have time to cover them all (yes, we do have that many first class data visualization controls in our toolbox). A Quick Recap For anyone who may have missed the webinar, here is a quick recap to entice you to watch...
  • Desktop WPF

    XAMLflix Introduces RadBreadCrumb

    It's another Thursday, so by now you are anxiously awaiting the next installment of XAMLflix. Today we're diving into the navigation controls a bit to bring you RadBreadCrumb, a unique control allowing for an experience very similar to the explorer bar that you find in windows. Complete with the ability to display icons, a built-in history journal, and easy support for hierarchical navigation, RadBreadCrumb offers an intuitive way to easily navigate structured data while taking up a minimum of screen real estate. For a quick recap, XAMLflix = Videos + Projects covering all of the controls in both the RadControls for Silverlight and...
    April 12, 2012
  • Desktop WPF

    XAMLflix Introduces RadUpload

    It’s Thursday again, meaning that you’re one day closer to the weekend and can happily kick back with another round of videos, brought to you by XAMLflix. This Thursday we are going to focus on RadUpload, a Silverlight upload component with a server-side handler that enables quick and easy uploading from the client. This also includes helpful features like multi-file upload and providing a drop target for dragging files from the desktop to your application. For a quick recap, XAMLflix = Videos + Projects covering all of the controls in both the RadControls for Silverlight and RadControls for WPF control suites. We are...
    April 05, 2012