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    The LOB Chronicles Episode 3: From UX to UI

    In this episode we are diving into how we can construct a better user interface (UI) utilizing the tools that our User Experience (UX) experts have put before us.  If you recall last time we discussed the importance of UX and how it can help us to identify higher-traffic areas of our application as well as why certain views might need to be more prevalent within the application. Today we go one step further and translate UX into UI in terms we can all understand, including views, navigation, and everyone’s favorite click-count. From Empathy to Navigation One of the highlights from the last post...
    August 18, 2011
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    The LOB Chronicles - Exploring User Experience (UX)

    In the previous post we discussed a host of different things to introduce everyone to the LOB Chronicles project as well as the technologies (both Microsoft and Telerik) that are involved.  With a combination of Silverlight, TeamPulse (build with the Telerik Xaml tools), RadControls for Silverlight, OpenAccess, and Test Studio, we’re ready to start planning out our application from the ground up.  Before we write code, though, we want to take a step back and consider just who we’re designing this software for - which is where our UX experts come into play. Why UX? This is a great question and one...
    August 11, 2011
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    Windows Phone 7 MVVM #8 - RadCalendar

    Hey folks, it’s been a little while since we discussed the MVVM pattern with the RadControls for Windows Phone, so I’m back to talk about one of the new controls we have available with the Q2 2011 release – RadCalendar.  RadCalendar is the Telerik answer to the native OS calendar in Windows Phone, offering similar functionality as far as how appointments are displayed and how you can navigate through months.  We also have a rich event structure in place to ensure you can do anything you want when selecting a timeslot – including a demo that gives some example code...
    August 08, 2011
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    Introducing the LOB Chronicles - Building a CRM Demo

    Today we’re starting a new endeavor in the Xaml teams at Telerik to bring a new demo application your way.   The application that we have in mind is a Customer Relationship Management (better known as CRM) solution intended to help a fictional sales person through the trials and tribulations of his day-to-day experience.  Now keep in mind, we’re not looking to make an application that gets sold under the Telerik banner, rather this is an exercise to see how UX, design, architecture, and our team of eight can work together to produce and explain a brand new demo featuring some...
    August 04, 2011
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    Q2 2011 What's New for Windows Phone Wrap-up

    Hey Windows Phone lovers, it has been a busy two weeks since we had release webinar week.  We've seen the release of Visual Studio LightSwitch and the Telerik Hands-On-Labs that I wrote for that release, we've been prepping some really neat content that will start making some waves soon (check back tomorrow!), and of course we have been hard at work on creating learning resources to cover everything that was release during this latest round.  So of course part of that is packaging up the demos and slides from the Q2 presentations as well as covering some of the great...
    August 03, 2011