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    MVVM in Task-It

    Download Source Code Task-It Series This post is part of a series of blog posts and videos about the Task-It (task management) application that I have been building with Silverlight 4 and Telerik's RadControls for Silverlight 4. For a full index of a posts, please go here. One of the posts listed in the index provides a full source download for the application. Why MVVM? As I'm gearing up to write a post about dynamic XAP loading with MEF, I'd like to first talk a bit about MVVM, the Model-View-ViewModel pattern, as I will be leveraging this pattern in my future posts. Your first question may be, "why do I need this...
    March 24, 2010
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    Task-It Webinar - Building a real-world application with RadControls for Silverlight 4

    Yesterday I held a live webinar on Building a real-world application with RadControls for Silverlight 4. Thank you to all of those that attended, but if you did not have a chance to catch it, you can watch a recorded version here: Building a real-world application with RadControls for Silverlight 4 I wasn't able to get too deep into the inner workings of the app because of time limitations, but over the upcoming weeks I will dig deeper in my blog posts, and potentially some videos. FYI, I just put up a new blog post where I provide a link to download the source...
    March 19, 2010
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    Silverlight Recruiting Application Part 4 - Navigation and Modules

    After our brief intermission (and the craziness of Q1 2010 release week), we're back on track here and today we get to dive into how we are going to navigate through our applications as well as how to set up our modules.  That way, as I start adding the functionality- adding Jobs and Applicants, Interview Scheduling, and finally a handy Dashboard- you'll see how everything is communicating back and forth.  This is all leading up to an eventual webinar, in which I'll dive into this process and give a honest look at the current story for MVVM vs. Code-Behind applications.  (For...
    March 15, 2010
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    Oh Canada - The Canadian Mini-Speaking Tour

    Hey everyone!  This past week/weekend I was in Canada to speak at two user groups and a code camp (could be a sitcom title) on some Silverlight related topics.  It was very exciting to be heading to the country where the Winter Olympics were happening.  Above and beyond that, according to my community manager (a Canadian) I was going to get to experience the rich culture that Canada has to offer and get a lifetime of experiences in my short time there.  So what did I show up to? Canada is cold!!!  Late February in Saskatchewan is not the balmy beach...
    March 01, 2010
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    Silverlight Recruiting Application Part 2 - Prism, MVVM, and the Challenge

    For anyone who tuned into part 1 of this series, there was an interesting comment from Ben (one of the Telerik MVPs who also shows up quite often with intelligent commentary in a variety of locations) about the idea of using Prism, MVVM, and WCF RIA together in their current state.  This actually fell in line with a number of other conversations I have had with developers over the last few weeks and I realized something very important- he's quite right about the state of things.  Much like 7 is the magic number for Windows, 4 is going to be the magic...
    February 25, 2010