With the release of Telerik Reporting Q1 2010 Service Pack 1 we are proud to announce a very important addition to Telerik Reporting. Finally, our suite of report viewers is now complete, making Telerik Reporting the first reporting tool to support all .NET desktop and web platforms: ASP.NET, Silverlight (incl. out-of-browser support), Windows Forms, and WPF.

The newest member of the viewer family is the WPF Report Viewer which allows developers to deliver reports produced by Telerik Reporting to any rich application developed with WPF. The viewer supports all functionality available in the ASP.NET, Silverlight and Win Viewers,  including printing and exporting to all supported formats. Here is a quick overview of the most important features (in WPF disguise):


  1. Different technology, same report – The WPF Viewer is tightly integrated with Telerik Reporting and as such uses the same powerful reporting engine, which guarantees that you will always get the same look and feel of your .net reports, regardless of the environment.


    Telerik Reporting WPF Viewer

  2. Toolbar – provides an easy way to refresh the report, navigate to first, previous, specific, next and last pages, print and export the report in all currently supported formats: pdf, xps, rtf, tiff, excel, csv and mhtml (web archive).


    Telerik Reporting WPF Toolbar

  3. Parameters area – the parameters area is shown when the report that is viewed has report parameters with visible UI. The parameters area also displays cascading parameters, i.e. parameters that depend on each other and automatically refreshes the dependent ones.


    Telerik Reporting WPF Parameters

  4. Document Map – the document map allows you to easily navigate inside a larger report by using bookmarks.


    Telerik Reporting WPF Document Map

  5. Zoom – The zoom control is placed in the right part of the status bar. It can be used to specify the zoom ratio for the document. The available options are full page, page width or one of the predefined percentages.


    Telerik Reporting WPF Zoom

  6. MVVM pattern – The viewer is built on the MVVM pattern that has already become standard in the Silverlight and WPF worlds, with almost completely separated UI and model that allows unlimited customization of the viewer's UI.

  7. Themes – the WPF Report Viewer is built by using RadControls for WPF which means that it receives their theming mechanism automatically.


    Telerik Reporting WPF Themes

To illustrate all report viewer capabilities we have added a WPF Demo project for each sample solution (C# and VB.NET). Feel free to run and experiment with it after installing the service pack.

Finally, we hope that you will find the new viewer useful and enjoy working with it. Any feedback and requests for new functionality are welcomed.

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Vassil Petev

is a Product Manager at Telerik. Loves gadgets, sailing, skiing and DJing.


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