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    Windows Phone 7 MVVM #2 - RadJumpList

    After finishing the previous post, I realize something important – I would rather use RadJumpList than RadDataBoundListBox for my navigation in this application, simply because the “People Hub” type of experience is much cooler than a plain old listbox, regardless of how impressive the performance is.  We are also going to reconsider our MyItem and turn it into something a little more exciting – MyMVVMItem!  This will allow us to do add every new demo as an individual item, complete with a field for grouping, a friendly name, and a backing field for the name of the page that we...
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    Windows Phone 7 MVVM #1 – RadDataBoundListBox

    Today we are going to be starting a fun new series that introduces you to the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) pattern with Windows Phone 7.  I am going to be using MVVM Light as my framework of choice, since it fits all my requirements and is amazingly easy to use, but if you want to check out another alternative feel free to tune into Bill Moore presenting on Windows Phone 7 and MVVM with Caliburn.Micro as part of our Windows Phone Wednesdays event.    The first step in this series involves doing two things – getting the latest and greatest copies of the Telerik...
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    Volume Mixer with the new shiny RadSlider for Silverlight and WPF

    As you may already know, we are working hard to improve the RadSlider in a broad way. We've fixed a lot of issues, but also added a lot of new cool features. Now it's so easy to customize and bind (in MVVM-ish way), that I've created this Windows 7 "Mixer" like example in less than an hour. I didn't change the Slider's ControlTemplate and don't have a single line of code behind. (Please note that the new slider will be available with the  beta of Q2.2011 ). Download and play with the new bits
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    Using RadControls to Build Windows Phone 7 Applications Webinar Follow-up

    After a long weekend of Windows Phone 7 related goodness (aka, sleepless nights of a-Ha! moments with the satisfaction of being several steps closer to being ready for the marketplace), we're back with another week, another Windows Phone 7 webinar in this current series, and some links and updated information as promised on the webinar last week. Last Week I had the fun job of presenting Using RadControls to Build Windows Phone 7 webinar last Thursday.  The recorded version is now available online at Telerik TV: Using RadControls to Build Windows Phone 7 on TelerikTV As well as soon on SilverlightShow.net at their Webinars...
    February 14, 2011
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    How to: Databind Telerik’s ToolBar

    In this post we will go through a scenario for databinding the RadToolBar control. Here is the end result: And the demo project with everything included: ToolBarMVVM.zip How to databind the ToolBar? The ToolBar is an ItemsControl and can be databound to any IEnumerable, but it is preferable to bind it to an observable collection since any changes in it will be reflected by the ToolBar. Since there is no ToolBarItem, because ToolBar may contain variety of other controls, we will use DataTemplateSelector class to help us determine the template for each item inside the ToolBar: public class ToolBarTemplateSelector : DataTemplateSelector     {         public override DataTemplate SelectTemplate(object item, DependencyObject container)         {             if (item...
    September 28, 2010