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    Prototyping for Windows RT with AppMock

    AppMock is Windows RT prototyping tool that allows you to easily create wireframes, mockups and prototypes on your tablet or desktop. Some of the most important features are - advanced designer surface, tons of built-in galleries, navigation links, executable projects, sync with the cloud and many more.
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    What's new in Q3.2012 RadDiagram for XAML

    [Original post on the Orbifold's blog] Whenever we plan a new release we try to navigate between several stakeholders; the customer requests (features, ideas, bugs), demands by our own Telerik teams (not the least,Telerik JustTrace), the ever changing landscape of technology (should I mention Windows 8 and JavaScript?) and, finally, our own aspirations and visions. Trying to find a compromise between these poles and tailoring it to time and resources is both exciting and difficult, as every project manager knows I guess. Despite the fact that we so often impose ourselves quite a challenge I'm always impressed near release time that...
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    XAML RadDiagram - Q3.2012 Roadmap

    The development of RadDiagram for Silverlight and WPF continues to move full speed ahead during the Q3 time-frame. After the Q2 release and the awesome series of features we delivered, it is now time to focus on the next best diagramming bits. Of course,we'll continue to refine the existing features, improve the flexibility and extensibility of the diagramming API, make the visuals even more rich and clear the path for more grandiose data visualizations and user interactions. However, the world continues heading towards a more colorful spectrum of form factors, platforms and technologies, so the Q3 release will be a transition towards the next big thing in diagramming. We'll keep you up...
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    RadDiagram - what's new in Q2

    It's Official It's been a wild Q for the Diagramming team. We did a lot of great stuff in this short four months. We added lots of new features, layouts and helper controls, improved the old ones, fixed some issues and for you, to better evaluate the power of RadDiagram, we created new cool examples and real world applications. If you remember my post about the RadDiagram Q2 Roadmap; well, we did everything in the list plus even more. In the next few paragraphs I'll get into all the major new features and cool stuff. New Features Layouts Tree Layouts Left-Right, Right-Left, Top-Bottom or Bottom-Top Tip over Tree Mind...
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    RadDiagram Q2.2012 Roadmap

    It was just a month ago when we released the first version of the RadDiagram control/framework and now is time to share with you some plans about the future. We (and our partner and friend - The Orbifold) are very committed to the RadDiagram success and becoming one of the top diagramming frameworks for WPF and Silverlight out there. We will be pushing new features and possibilities as much as possible as well as trying to reach different platforms. Official for Q2 As you already know it is currently in beta state (even we think it is more than a beta) but with the upcoming...