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    A financial dashboard designer based on RadDiagram

    by Francois Vanderseypen and Miroslav Miroslavov » Full source code of the demo application here The new RadDiagram framework brings, together with a host of new exciting things in Telerik's 2012 Q1 release, a new world of possibilities to the WPF and Silverlight community. This article attempts to show you that Telerik's RadDiagram is easy-to-use and that it differs from other Telerik controls in that it more closely represents a framework than a control. It’s an invitation to augment and customize the RadDiagram toolset in function of your application and business context. That said, we have to tell you straight away that RadDiagram, as released with Q1, is...
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    RadDiagram Architecture

    Telerik Q1.2012 XAML Controls are here!  And one of the most interesting new pieces there is the Diagramming control/framework. It is a product of joint venture between Telerik and our awesome partner - Orbifold. RadDiagram brings lots of new and exiting possibilities to both WPF and Silverlight worlds. In this post I'll show off what RadDiagram is and how you can best use it for number of different applications. Let's first take a look and play with it. Control or a Framework? The Control. RadDiagram is very extensible and flexible Control (part of the Telerik.Windows.Controls.Diagrams assembly). It mimics the intrinsic ItemsControl and has two major types of children: RadDiagramShape - an...
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    Volume Mixer with the new shiny RadSlider for Silverlight and WPF

    As you may already know, we are working hard to improve the RadSlider in a broad way. We've fixed a lot of issues, but also added a lot of new cool features. Now it's so easy to customize and bind (in MVVM-ish way), that I've created this Windows 7 "Mixer" like example in less than an hour. I didn't change the Slider's ControlTemplate and don't have a single line of code behind. (Please note that the new slider will be available with the  beta of Q2.2011 ). Download and play with the new bits
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    Virtualized TileView for Silverlight and WPF, different sizes, automatic scrolling and much more.

    With the Q1 2011 release just being around the corner a new and amazing version of RadTileView will be available. It is sleek, fast and more responsive than ever and it brings a whole set of new features and functionality to the table. Download and play with the new bits . Virtualization The main feature, that I’m sure you’d like most is the UI Virtualization (delaying the creation of UI Elements). We implemented it in both tiling scenarios: Restored – this includes both directions - Horizontal and Vertical . It means that if you have 10 columns x 1000 rows you'll get 10 000 tiles and you’ll see both scrollbars....
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    Welcome to the new Telerik Minifier

    What's new in Telerik Minifier It is a huge pleasure to announce the release of Telerik’s new Minifier tool now featuring Xap file minification option. It has been a while since we have released the Assembly Minifier and now we bring the concept for minification and reducing the XAP file size to a new level. We have just released the new Telerik Minifier tool that now features Xap Minification to enable you prune and remove everything that your application does not need from the Telerik assemblies in the Xap. As a result, the size of your application's Xap file will be dramatically reduced. Behind the scenes it...