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What's new in Telerik Minifier

It is a huge pleasure to announce the release of Telerik’s new Minifier tool now featuring Xap file minification option. It has been a while since we have released the Assembly Minifier and now we bring the concept for minification and reducing the XAP file size to a new level. We have just released the new Telerik Minifier tool that now features Xap Minification to enable you prune and remove everything that your application does not need from the Telerik assemblies in the Xap. As a result, the size of your application's Xap file will be dramatically reduced. Behind the scenes it uses the Assembly Minifier, to discover what should be removed and what not.

Optimize your Xap file in just two steps

  • Go to and Upload your Silverlight Application’s Xap file that uses Telerik assemblies
  • Let the minifier discover what's redundant.
  • Download the minified Xap file that will behave in the exact same way.


  • Minification Information – you can check the result of the minification process and see the actual size of the new Xap file compared to the size of the original one.
  • Details Information – you can observe the actual Telerik controls that have been removed by clicking the “View Details” link. These are the controls that your application does not use, so they have been excluded from the original assemblies.



Currently the Xap minification is not working well or may introduce some problems if used with more complex scenarios - Application that uses Prism, Assembly Library Caching or some reflection based Load on Demand. We will be working on implementing these features for the future releases.

Windows Phone 7 support

The new Minifier fully supports our newest and innovative RadControls for Windows Phone 7 suite, which means that you can use the Telerik assemblies for WP7 and extract only the controls (classes) that you will need for your development. Or, the other way around, you can simply optimize the compiled Xap file of your Windows Phone application. We know that when it comes to mobile application, the download time, the generated internet traffic and the overall performance of the application really matter. Therefore, we extended our minification tool to also support RadControls for Windows Phone 7. 


New Design and Theme

The new Minifier comes also with great new Design. You can enjoy our new Expression Dark theme as well as some new navigation features. Both the Assembly Minifier and the Xap Minifier are available at

Home Page



I am looking forward to see your comments and feedback on the new Telerik Minifier tool, the Xap minification and the support for our controls for Windows Phone 7. We highly value your feedback as we know that this is always the best way to keep our products getting better.

About the Author

Miroslav Miroslavov

is XAML enthusiast. You can follow him on Twitter at @mmiroslavov.



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