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It was just a month ago when we released the first version of the RadDiagram control/framework and now is time to share with you some plans about the future. We (and our partner and friend - The Orbifold) are very committed to the RadDiagram success and becoming one of the top diagramming frameworks for WPF and Silverlight out there. We will be pushing new features and possibilities as much as possible as well as trying to reach different platforms.

Official for Q2

As you already know it is currently in beta state (even we think it is more than a beta) but with the upcoming Q2.2012 release the RadDiagram will become official control. That is not the only major thing that is coming; we are already working on lots of new cool features and examples. Let me just name a few:

New Features

  • Shapes
    • Hierarchical groups - you'll be able to group shapes together and manipulate them accordingly. 
    • Custom connectors - specify exact point on the shape where a connection could be pinned.
  • Connections
    • Bezier curves - read more about Bezier here.
    • Polyline improvements
    • Routing improvements
  • Diagram export
    • Printing
    • Export to Image
  • Diagram Canvas improvements
    • Rulers - we'll add vertical and horizontal rulers for easier positioning of the shapes.
    • Thumbnail (mini-map) view - this is a very cool feature. The control will visualize the whole diagram "world" and what part of it you're seeing.
    • Auto-layout and auto-aligning
    • Improved handling of dropped content
  • Tree layout and variations - this is something huge. You'll be able to easily choose between different types of tree layouts like mindmap, tip-over-tree or radial trees and forests.
  • New Extension assembly - It will contain the Toolbox control and some other cool stuff to help you create easily diagramming applications. It will be prety much like the current Features assembly that is part of the demos distribution.

New Samples

  • Mindmap example - we are creating a mindmap example that will demonstrate the power of the RadDiagram framework. 

Connection Routing

Connection routing is an algorithm or a set of algorithms that should "trace" the route of link/connection, that takes into account the other nodes/shapes and some other heuristics.


Tree Layouts

Have a look at few screenshots of the RadDiagram showing the new tree layouts. 

That is our current plan, but stay tuned for more information on the RadDiagram. Your feedback and ideas are more than welcomed. 

About the Author

Miroslav Miroslavov

is XAML enthusiast. You can follow him on Twitter at @mmiroslavov.


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