Windows RT is the new mobile OS from Microsoft. It's fast, it’s modern and it comes with a nice set of built-in features. But what it lacks is the thousands of cool applications that are available with any other OS. Well, this is going to be changed and AppMock (download it from the store) is here to help.

The Idea

Every cool app starts with an Idea. Then we think about it in details. Discuss it with friends and colleagues. Then we start to visualize the idea - design the screens and the flow. And only then comes the time to draw it - to create the wireframes, the mockup screens or a real clickable prototype. It all depends on your budget and the time you want to spend on this very first design step. But no matter how you plan to execute this step AppMock is here to help. And most importantly it allows you to do only one or all of the above tasks on your Surface or any other Windows RT tablet, as well as on your Windows 8 Desktop machine. And the best part is that you can create the prototype on your tablet or desktop and run it to see the real action.


AppMock provides a wide range of features that combined together create the perfect tool for easily creating rich Windows RT prototypes. Some of the most important and essential features are:
  • Rich and advanced designer surface that allows you to manipulate the shapes in many possible ways.
  • Tons of built-in galleries with a variety of predesigned shapes and complex controls like Charts, Grids, Tabs, Buttons and any other Windows RT control that comes to your mind.
  • Clickable hot-spots (navigation links) that allow you to navigate other pages (screens).
  • Ability to run (execute) the project. In this mode the prototype and the links become alive allowing you to experience the real interaction with the app.
  • Built-in themes support. You can preview how the app will look like with different Windows RT themes.
  • Organizing the screens (pages) in Projects.
  • And lots of small features – but just the type of small features that will make your life easier while prototyping the new app.

What's new in the latest version?

With the latest update AppMock made a huge step in the right direction of app-prototyping for Windows 8. Let me sum up the most important new additions:

Inline shape editing with custom editors

The Custom editors allows you to edit> the complex shapes in a more natural way. For example you can easily modify the details of a TabControl. This is something big. Almost every complex shape now has its own specifically designed edit-form.

Save and sync with the cloud

This new feature gives you all the the goodies of the cloud. You can easily work on your project from different devices. It is reliable and secure so you won't lose your work. It has all the necessary user management functionality as well as many more hidden gems. The latest bits of AppMock come also with lots of performance improvements and bug fixes. We're very dedicated and highly motivated to make AppMock one of the best Prototyping tools out there. We'll continue to improve it in all possible ways. And as always we need your feedback in this journey. Please, share your ideas on our feedback portal or directly in the comments section of this blog.
Don't forget to download AppMock from the store first. Thank you.

About the Author

Miroslav Miroslavov

is XAML enthusiast. You can follow him on Twitter at @mmiroslavov.


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