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It's been a wild Q for the Diagramming team. We did a lot of great stuff in this short four months. We added lots of new features, layouts and helper controls, improved the old ones, fixed some issues and for you, to better evaluate the power of RadDiagram, we created new cool examples and real world applications. If you remember my post about the RadDiagram Q2 Roadmap; well, we did everything in the list plus even more. In the next few paragraphs I'll get into all the major new features and cool stuff.

New Features

  • Layouts
    • Tree Layouts
      • Left-Right, Right-Left, Top-Bottom or Bottom-Top
      • Tip over Tree
      • Mind map layout
      • Radial Layout
    • Improved Sugijama Layout - new settings are available for finer tuning.
  • Connection Routing
    • Org. Grid Router - Specific router for Organizational chart diagrams, entity diagrams and more.
    • Improved Polyline Router
  • Bi-directional MVVM data-binding support – you can bind the RadDiagram to graph source that can be modified run-time and the changes will affect the underlying source.
  • Groups – Grouping shapes and connections in logical containers. Support for deep hierarchical groups.
  • Custom Connectors – You can define custom points for a shape where the connection could be attached.
  • New Export capabilities
    • Printing – ability to print a diagram on multiple pages.
    • Export to Image
    • Improved Export to XML
  • Improved Navigation
    • Integrated Scroll Bars – ability to navigate in the Diagram using the build-in scroll bars.
    • Ruler – Control that shows you the absolute position of the objects in the diagram. Ease the overall navigation process.
    • Thumbnail a.k.a. Mini Map – Visualize an overview of the entire diagram. Shows the pig picture including shapes that are outside of the viewport.
  • Snapping - snap to the background grid or other shapes and items.
  • Bezier connections
  • Connection Corners
  • Bring an item into view
  • Telerik.Windows.Controls.Diagrams.Extensions (New Assembly) – contains a lot of new controls, features and extensions to the Diagram framework. It is an evolution project of the Features assembly previously part of the QSF project.
    • Thumbnail Control
    • Print Preview Dialog/Control that allows you to preview and configure the pages of the diagram prior print.
    • Ruler Control
    • Toolbox Control that visualizes all shapes in organized manner so the user can drag&drop from it to the diagram.
    • Settings Pane Control/Adorner that enables easy applying of operations on the selected items.


  • Organizational chart – a lot of new features and improvements
  • Mind Map – real world mind map example with a lot of features. Ability to easily create mind maps, save and load them, export and print.
  • Improved all other diagram examples


The Rulers, Toolbox and Thumbnail...

Organizational chart with all the tree Layouts, nicer Connection Routing and different templates...

And the Mind map...isn't it beautiful?

Stay tuned for the future of the RadDiagram - the roadmap for Q3 is on the way. 
Your feedback is more than welcomed as usual. 

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Miroslav Miroslavov

is XAML enthusiast. You can follow him on Twitter at @mmiroslavov.



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