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    Introducing the SeriesItems Collection in RadHtmlChart for ASP.NET AJAX

    Do you want to stay up to date with the RadHtmlChart? Then, you can take advantage of the new SeriesItems Collection which was introduced in Q2 2013 Beta as a replacement for the obsolete Items property. You no longer have to worry about which are the necessary properties you need to set for your chart - the new series item types will show you the right choices. Follow this blog post to find out how!
    June 04, 2013
  • .NET Mobile

    New Features of RadHtmlChart for ASP.NET AJAX Ship a Month Ahead of Schedule

    With Q2 2012 release we shipped the first version of the RadHtmlChart control and, like any fledgling control, it did not have all the features you wanted to see, so we started working on them as soon as we got your feedback. We have promised we will add some of them in the Q3 2012 release (see our Roadmap), and I am glad to announce that we pushed hard and quite a lot of them are already available, far before the promised date :-) Let’s take a quick look around: Client-side Events This chart operates primarily on the client and it was inevitable that...
    September 07, 2012