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    Introduction to RadRating

    One of the new controls we added to the Q3 2009 RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX suite is RadRating. Even though this is the first release of the rating control, we made sure that it is packed full of excellent features and it has the same quality you have come to expect from the Telerik ASP.NET suite - cool skins, wide cross browser support, automated tests, and more.   You can see all of the control's features on its overview page, but I will list some of the major ones here as well: whole item/half item/exact precision; four possible orientations; customizable number of...
    November 17, 2009
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    How to Use Google Spellcheck with RadSpell

    Sometimes the default spellchecking algorithms in RadSpell are not providing the best possible suggestions for misspelled words. For example, the phonetic algorithm works best with English words, but is not very accurate with Russian. The edit distance algorithm is language independent, but will not recognize easy mistakes if the word spelling is not very similar to the original. Unfortunately, implementing your own custom algorithm for a specific language is not an easy task. The latest Q3 2009 release of the RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX features a new example for RadSpell, which shows how to use an existing service provided by...
    November 09, 2009
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    New content providers for the RadEditor and RadFileExplorer controls

    The default content provider, that ships with the editor and file explorer controls will only work with files in the current web application. Naturally, there are scenarios where you wish to show files that are not physically in the application folder. The provider model allows you to do just that - you can either customize the existing provider (FileSystemContentProvider) or write a completely new one (FileBrowserContentProvider). We recently went through the forums and noted what custom providers are most frequently used with the RadEditor and RadFileExplorer controls. After that we created sample providers for those scenarios and posted them as support...
    October 30, 2009
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    RadGrid for ASP.NET AJAX Performance Optimization

    For those of you who have missed the live webinar last week a recording is now available on Telerik TV. There are plenty of tips how to optimize your ASP.NET AJAX applications and especially those with RadGrid....
    October 07, 2009
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    Visual Style Builder for ASP.NET AJAX: A Heavy Update

    Too much stuff! Must click little link: to the Style Builder! What's new? RadMenu, RadComboBox and RadInput get their share of styling goodness updated to the new-and-shiny 2009.Q2 release (featuring the real mode of RadColorPicker) the sought-after "base color" in Colorization is available I hope that you will like the UI. We revised it a few times before settling for this. The position of the "Apply" button was way off into nowhere (and, honestly speaking, it still is in the advanced edit). A note about colorization While the 'colorize' mode is indeed more useful (and probably sufficient in most scenarios), the old 'shift colors' algorithm has its...