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    Image Centering Techniques You Should Know About

    The following new code library entry demonstrates two alternative techniques for centering an image inside a RadAjaxLoadingPanel. Both techniques should not be something new for CSS-savvy devs, however, we receive queries for them from time to time, so it will be good to have an example available online: How to Center Image In a RadAjaxLoadingPanel  ...
    November 18, 2008
  • .NET

    ASP.NET binding with OpenAccessDataSource

    In the last post we saw how easy it is to reverse engineer a database schema. Let's now use the resulting persistent classes library to build the first website. Let's do it again step by step: Step 1: Use the resulting solution from the northwind reverse engineering post. Step 2: Add a new web application by execution File->Add->New Web Site... from the Visual Studio Menu. Choose ASP.NET Web Site. Step 3: Add a reference from the website to the class library. Select the website project in the Solution Explorer and execute Website->Add reference from the Visual Studio Menu. Select the class library project in the Projects tab.   All...
    November 15, 2008
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    Optimized Rendering and Skins for RadCalendar for ASP.NET AJAX

    I have the pleasure to announce that RadCalendar for ASP.NET AJAX has undergone a considerable HTML and CSS optimization. As a result, the HTML output generated by the following RadCalendar declaration has dropped from 5,916 bytes to 3,905 bytes, or by...
    October 14, 2008
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    Don't store ASP.NET controls in Session, Application or Cache

    In some cases you may end up with the following exception when working with RadControls for ASP.NET Ajax: "Script controls may not be registered after PreRender." The explanation of this error is simple - some UI control implementing the IScriptControl interface (e.g. any control from the RadControls for ASP.NET Ajax suite) is stored in the Session, Application or Cache and then is added in some live controls collection. Here is an...
    September 19, 2008
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    50% more ASP.NET skins

      A big thank you guys! Tribute to the generosity of you, our community, we now have 50% more skins available for the telerik ASP.NET components. Check out the latest additions in our Skins Exchange Program and feel free to download a copy for your project. Also, don’t forget to vote for your favorite community skin – we have an Xbox and free RadControls licenses waiting for the winners. Voting will close on September, 15th. Once again, I would like to express our enormous gratitude to everyone who took the time to contribute their custom-made skins to the program. What started as a...
    September 05, 2008