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    An ASP.NET Single Page Application: The Fantasy Football Draft Manager

    Like many Americans in August, I signed up to play in a fantasy football league. As I entered the pre-season draft this past weekend, I set forth my strategy, and knew I had some resources that would assist me in getting the best players available to me. I used the ample resources available to me, and built a simple single-page application to track the draft. With Telerik’s ASP.NET AJAX controls at my disposal, I knew I could quickly put together a very responsive and speedy application that I could control with just the touchscreen on my laptop. This is the brief story of that application and how I used it to crush my competition. Read along and get a copy of the source code you can use too.
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    A Modern Photobooth Web Application Built With ASP.Net AJAX

    In preparation for Telerik’s entry in the Best of Tech Ed competition, we decided to deliver a Photobooth website that would make use of the cool new features in our June 2013 version of our ASP.Net controls. This is the story of how we delivered a that web application as part of Telerik’s award winning Best of TechEd entry.
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    Telerik’s Export to PDF Functionality for ASP.NET AJAX Now Greatly Improved

    I’m excited to announce some really good news related to the RadGrid PDF export: Not only have we managed to address two of the most popular limitations, but we also implemented some great new features. This blog post will walk you through all the improvements.
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    What’s New and Cool in AJAX Q2 2013 – Webinar Wrap up

    In this article, Jeff Fritz gives us a recap of the AJAX controls webinar for Q2 2013 and answers your questions about the new features available to Telerik AJAX developers.
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    Take a Walk on the Client Side with WebAPI and WebForms – Part 2

    It has been more than a year since the last time we discussed WebAPI with WebForms, and a lot has changed in that time. Microsoft has released a 1.0 release of WebAPI and Telerik now supports using WebAPI as a client-side datasource for many of our controls. In this article, I will show you how to configure WebAPI to work with one of Telerik’s most popular controls, our Grid for ASP.NET AJAX. Without changing the appearance of the grid, I will convert the grid from server-side databinding to client-side databinding and show you how it supports sorting, filtering and paging with WebAPI.