We are here to help – since 2.4.0 Telerik UI for Blazor components have supported localized translations, and now with 2.5.0 we implemented the other part of the globalization feature – taking the CurrentCulture from the thread and using it to render the appropriate formats for dates and numbers.

For example, if the culture is de-DE, the user will see the Euro symbol from a number formatted as a currency in the NumericTextBox, but if the culture is en-US, they will see a $ sign.


This also applies to dates – the default formats, month names, day names and so on are taken from the culture. You can see this all in one place in the DateTimePicker.

Here’s how this compares in the underlying DateInput – this screenshot is from the list of standard format strings from the Supported Formats.


Code Time

Or, rather, codeless time - there isn’t a single line of code you need to write for the Telerik components to support number and date formatting. We simply read the current thread culture that you set in your app.

What’s Next

In addition to adding major components and features, we are also working on general functionality that will affect the entire range. We have RTL support, Keyboard support (navigation) and Accessibility (such as WAI-ARIA and WCAG compliance) on our radar, and we are working on implementing these features as well. As usual, stay tuned!

Marin Bratanov
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Marin Bratanov

Marin Bratanov is a Principal Technical Support Engineer in the Blazor division, after starting out in WebForms and going through Kendo UI. Ever since he joined Telerik in early 2011 as a novice, his main focus has been improving the services and customer care the company offers. Apart from work, Marin is an avid reader and usually enjoys the worlds of fantasy and Sci-Fi literature. You can find him on Twitter, Goodreads, LinkedIn and Facebook.

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