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Foundever is currently working to connect drivers who may have car problems via a Telerik-powered website.

Development teams using the Progress Telerik product portfolio and its myriad features always try to solve internal problems. These trends may not surprise those familiar with our products and customers’ experiences. But what about customers using it to build specific solutions for equally particular customers?

This blog gives readers a snapshot of a global company specializing in outsourcing technical assistance. The development team is seeking to develop a new roadside assistance service for drivers in Canada. The company built the publicly facing website, called, using the capabilities of Progress Telerik UI for Blazor.

Who is Foundever?

Foundever focuses on providing ideal digital experiences for customers. The company has its foot in various industries, including financial services, healthcare and, in this project’s case, insurance.

As hinted in the beginning paragraphs, Foundever is developing a roadside assistance service with Telerik tools. The company’s development teams have already used Telerik for previous projects to a profound effect. Based on its use cases of Telerik tools, John DuBois, Project Manager, saw it as an easy decision to deploy for this application project.

How is Foundever Using Progress Telerik for Development?

Before this, he was using various templates from Bootstrap, which can certainly get the job done for some developers. But for DuBois and Foundever…not so much. He sought a tool to enable more streamlined development periods and supply options for end users.

Telerik takes care of extensive development for DuBois with the most significant complement making the overall cycle easier. When asked, DuBois found it helpful to have access to the simple form base of Telerik Form Builder to create wizards, checkboxes and text inputs.

“If I am doing a text input, it’s one line in Telerik where I can put a label, name and field it is attached to,” said DuBois. “I don’t have to make multiple lines, a label, tag or what style is required to put on it.”

What is Foundever’s Roadside Aid Application?

Most drivers have experienced a car breakdown. Whether on a quiet suburban street or a busy highway during rush hour, it is an event that requires roadside assistance. However, according to Agero, despite four out of five drivers having roadside assistance as part of their insurance policy, the uncertainty of what happens on the side of the road causes drivers to pause on using their “roadside assistance.” Also, in some cases, it could be troubling just to find someone to help you when your car breaks down.

Whenever a car breaks down, the driver can log onto From there, the user must fill out vehicle information, and a tow truck or other emergency service will arrive to help the driver. Several dealerships have posted links to the application so that many drivers can access it immediately.

DuBois describes Roadside Aid as “an end service portal for people who have vehicle warranties with roadside assistance.” The Roadside Aid application is also the project where DuBois is deploying Blazor for the first time.

After initially developing the application with ASP.NET, MVC and Angular-based products, Foundever started using Blazor for Roadside Aid. And with Telerik, he can streamline the code base behind projects, including Roadside Aid. Other positive experiences include the ease of use of building out backend projects.

What is Next for Foundever?

DuBois has plans to create a spin-off from the browser version of Roadside Aid into a mobile application. And rest assured, he will continue to use Telerik, with Progress ThemeBuilder being a significant factor. Another feature to implement on the backend is to produce a portal for Foundever’s marketing team to set up branding and fonts.

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