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  • People

    Look Ma, I’m on TV!

    Seems I’ve gotten my 15 minutes of fame after all (more like 5). During PDC’08 Todd and I had the chance to meet with Adam Kinney from Microsoft and talk about one of the coolest new telerik products – the WPF Charts and Gauges. The video is now up on Channel 9 and can be accessed here. In the mean while we pulled off our first release and the charts and gauges are now a part of the WPF controls suite. You can see them in all their splendor here. If you are excited about the charts as we are – share...
    November 13, 2008
  • Desktop WPF

    RadChart for WPF - What's next?

    The feature list for the Q3 release of RadChart for WPF is already locked down, so we can start planning the releases after that. Customer feedback has always been paramount when making roadmap decisions in Telerik so here we are asking for your input. What would you like to see in the next versions of RadChart for WPF? Let me give you some hints if you are stuck: We could bring in more series types: -More rare financial charts like Kagi & Renko -Surface charts which represent real 3D data -Polar and Radar charts We could add more axis features: -Negative values -Strict mode (as in RadChart for...
    September 19, 2008
  • Desktop WPF

    RadChart for WPF - Redesigned

    Some time ago when we announced our WPF charting effort a we received some feedback about the design of the control. At such an early stage of the control's development we were more interested in presenting the technical merits of the component rather than flashing some eye candy to please our customers. Well, development is moving on smoothly and now is the time to finally show some eye candy - and boy, don't I just love eye candy! :) The saying goes that a picture is worth a thousand words so I'm posting some preliminary designs for the "Ice" theme our designers...
    September 04, 2008
  • Web

    Google Chrome - The browser in a Pokémon ball

    Well, someone finally did it! They've put a web browser in a pokémon ball! The Internet is awash with blogs posts about Google chrome which just a few hours ago became available for download. I'm not going to just repeat whatever is in the Google chrome comic book. If you haven't seen it go do it now. I am, however, going to tell you just how happy this new browser makes me. And no, it is not the warm colors or the pokemon ball thing :) Google Chrome is just a great browser. It is very very fast, includes a slick minimalistic UI,...
    September 03, 2008
  • Productivity

    Show me your IsNumeric() and I'll show you mine

    I was innocently writing a piece of code today and the need arose to check if an input type is a number. Naturally I started looking for such a method inside the .NET classes. After all for a framework which has more than 380,000 methods it will only be logical to have at least one which will do something as basic as this. Guess what? .NET does not ship with such a public method. Whaaaa? But do stay with me, please! It gets better. Armed with Reflector I decided that even if there is no such public method there must be a private one at...
    September 01, 2008