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The feature list for the Q3 release of RadChart for WPF is already locked down, so we can start planning the releases after that. Customer feedback has always been paramount when making roadmap decisions in Telerik so here we are asking for your input.

What would you like to see in the next versions of RadChart for WPF? Let me give you some hints if you are stuck:

We could bring in more series types:

-More rare financial charts like Kagi & Renko

-Surface charts which represent real 3D data

-Polar and Radar charts

We could add more axis features:

-Negative values

-Strict mode (as in RadChart for ASP.NET)

-Multiple Axis support

We could work on different kinds of annotations:

-Custom grid lines

-Custom striplines

-Marked zones


We could work on data related tasks:

-Hierarchical data support out-of-the-box via drill-downs

-Empty value support

-Analytical features (trendlines, etc.)

We could work on improving labels:

-Add string formats

-Add label overlapping detection

-Add different label arrangements (spiderlike, stairlike, etc.)


As much as we would like to implement everything we need to prioritize. So... what's important for you guys?

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Vladimir Milev

Vladimir Milev is a developer manager.


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