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Well, someone finally did it! They've put a web browser in a pokémon ball!

The Internet is awash with blogs posts about Google chrome which just a few hours ago became available for download. I'm not going to just repeat whatever is in the Google chrome comic book. If you haven't seen it go do it now.

I am, however, going to tell you just how happy this new browser makes me. And no, it is not the warm colors or the pokemon ball thing :)

Google Chrome is just a great browser. It is very very fast, includes a slick minimalistic UI, has gotten all the geeky stuff right and it even has its own firebug-like development tool! Not to forget that the browser is open-sourced - a great step towards making the web truly open - something component vendors like Telerik can only be happy about.

Oh, and by the way I didn't get the chance to play with it for more than 15 minutes but I was browsing through the ASP.NET controls demos and everything ran without any problems. How about that?


  Long live the pokéball!


Edit: No cake yet?

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