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    Silverlight: RadChart codeless binding to RIA Services DomainDataSource

    Hello RadChart fans everywhere! With the introduction of Silverlight 4 just a couple of months ago a lot of our customers are asking if they can use the cool RIA controls with RadChart without writing any C# or VB code at all. With MVVM pattern getting so popular with Silverlight developers it is all about the XAML these days. Without further ado let’s answer the question:   The short answer is: Yes! The long answer: Yes, and it’s a total breeze! Just take a look at some code: Code...
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    What’s new in RadChart for 2010 Q1 (Silverlight / WPF)

    Greetings, RadChart fans! It is with great pleasure that I present this short highlight of our accomplishments for the Q1 release :). We’ve worked very hard to make the best silverlight and WPF charting product even better. Here is some of what we did during the past few months.   1) Zooming&Scrolling and the new sampling engine: Without a doubt one of the most important things we did. This new feature allows you to bind your chart to a very large set of data with blazing performance. Don’t take my word for it – give it a try!   2) New Smart Label Positioning and Spider-like labels...
    March 25, 2010

    How fast is your chart?

    Howdy folks! It has been a while since I last blogged. To compensate for it, however, I am bringing some exciting news to our loyal RadChart users. While not blogging I have been busy working with two of the smartest people in our company to bring you some really dramatic performance improvements to RadChart. I have to admit that in the past performance was not paramount for our product. We focused on features, appearance, ease of use to produce one of the most versatile charting components on the market. Today, however, marks the beginning of another direction. Starting with the Q1 2010 release,...
    February 23, 2010
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    WPF / Silverlight: How-to improve user experience when placing RadChart in a container that changes size rapidly on user demand

    I must admit that coming up with a meaningful and relatively short title was really hard this time. Anyway, here is the scenario: You have a page layout with Grid panel with several cells and one of the cells is occupied by a RadChart control instance. Your requirements indicate that the grid layout should be flexible so you have placed several grid splitters in your panel as well. Soon enough, one of your QAs decides to play around with the GridSplitter and notices that the application slows down and becomes irresponsive (and can even crash) when the splitter is dragged around...
    February 19, 2010
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    What’s new in RadChart for Silverlight Q3 2009

    It has been a busy Q for the data visualization team at telerik! Our flagship chart product saw many improvements and new features the last four months and today I will summarize the most important ones for you. Here are the 5 big ones:   1. Grouping and Aggregation – RadChart now utilizes our powerful data engine already present in the RadGridView control to allow for a really fast grouping and aggregation of data. This comes built-in and works with all supported data sources! You can read more here. 2. Multiple YAxis support – RadChart will now allow you to add unlimited number...
    November 11, 2009