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It has been a busy Q for the data visualization team at telerik! Our flagship chart product saw many improvements and new features the last four months and today I will summarize the most important ones for you. Here are the 5 big ones:


1. Grouping and Aggregation – RadChart now utilizes our powerful data engine already present in the RadGridView control to allow for a really fast grouping and aggregation of data. This comes built-in and works with all supported data sources! 


2. Multiple YAxis support – RadChart will now allow you to add unlimited number of additional YAxes to suit your more complex comparison scenarios. 


3. Horizontal Bars – Due to popular demand we now feature horizontal bars. They are in every way exactly like the normal bars, except being rendered horizontally. Find out more about those here.


4. Negative Values - RadChart is now able to draw series below the X-Axis to achieve a more visually appealing rendering of negative values. For more check this example.


5. Exporting features - RadChart is now able to export the rendered chart to different formats like: PNG, BMP, XLSX, SVG. 



I sincerely hope you like the way RadChart is shaping up. Much of the decisions we make are a direct result of customer feedback. We are committed to continue developing and improving the industry leading Silverlight charting solution.

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Vladimir Milev

Vladimir Milev is a developer manager.


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